Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 65th mama

Happy...happy birthday mum! My mother do the cooking while me I'm do the washing. And it was a reunion with them with her sisters because they met seldom. They are enjoying. Since I have some old cloths used shoes and sandals I better give it to them so that it will still be useful that will not stock here. They are so happy...And while waiting counting down before the New Year we pray and candlellight for the good spirit. Ready or not we will welcome the year of the RAT!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bulk Buying

Two days to go before New year! Well, tomorrow is my mum's birthday I'm baking a banana cake and also I made some chicken macaroni salad. My mother told us bulk buying can help! But it she said it's a little scary at first. How she will use this all? How will she will store it? things that can be at rum temperature can be stored under beds, in closets, anaywhere like canned goods. Flour can be frozen , then stored in airtime containers at rum temperature. She get these all idea from her friends. And now she shared with us because sooner or later if we will get married we know the alternative ways how to stores what you have brought in the grocery. Holiday seasons...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

We gonna miss ya

I feel bored :( I text my friends and I ask her we will go to the mall , she told me since it's her last day of her work we will meet. I went to the institution where I work before we met my friends there Maricor gave me a blouse and I really like it. Then again I suggest we will eat at KFC because I really love to eat there classic chicken burger so yummy ;) We talk things because she will be leaving this coming Jan 05,2008 going to Spain. I advise her just bring some of your cloths , anyways I think your employers will provide you some specially now a days it's winter there. And I told her hope you won't forget us just get in touch...we gonna miss ya :(

Friday, December 28, 2007


Thanks God it's Friday! I feel like I want to go to the church. We went together with my friend Gloria and of course my son Lorenz. I was a rainy friday afternoon. After church we went to mall we ate at KFC. At home I check my blog. yahoo! I have task and directly grab one and finally I did it ;) I sleep late around 4 a.m but that' s worth it...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Search engine

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Spend Wisely

When setting aside funds for recreation like travel or movies, make your budget on quaterly basis rather than a monthly basis. That wa, overspending on 1 month can be offset in the following months. Usualy that's what my mother teach me so that you will know how much you spend that month and if you have some extra money left. Spend wisely!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Your will Be Done

I receive not nice to heard news from a friends. It's all about the father of my son. His such a jerk and I hate him!!! "Lord your will be done to that kind of person"you how I felt. He can deny to everybody but he deep inside he knows he has a son from Cebu! How could he dare to deny his own son??? Anyways , I do believe in KARMA! Eric called his not feeling good because has a LBM and I told him maybe because of what you have eaten last night. Try to apply if you have a liniment that can help also or take some medicine. Awhile ago after we talked he text me, not to worry he found out his dad and his brother has it too.And he feel much better. So next time be careful.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

25th of Dec

Me, Candy and Aillien we go to the church at Sto Rosario we attend the 4 p.m mass. After at the church Candy she wants to the mall she will buy ticket for iloilo they will leave tomorrow with her mum. To visit her in-laws. But the ticketing office at Ayala was closed she went to SM.Aillien and I we buy some chips. I sleep early because this few days I was not able to sleep my regular or normal time. Because of the holidays!

Monday, December 24, 2007

ho!ho!ho! Merry Christmas

Wake up call from my friends Aillien. Around 8 a.m we went to the market it was a showery morning. And it so messy at the market! Well... We buy 3 scented candles and also we buy this 7 colours candles it was said in the piece of paper inside the plastic of the candle. ( At exactly 11:30 p.m. on Dec 31 of every year, light all candles. Each candle symbolizes various aspects of life like Peace, Wealth, Health, etc. put out at 12 midnight and arrange from smallest to biggest. The candle that melts the quickest symbolizes the good fortune that the New Year will bring your followed by the rest.) Red- for Life , Blue - Peace , Yellow - Good Spirit , Green - Money , Pink- Health and Orange - for Brightness. That's it! Anyways it's up to you if you will believe or NOT! I directly go to Aillien's house we take our lunch together. Then I help her to prepare her ingredients for fruits salad and for the spaghetti and also for the lumpia. Then I teach her everything what to do first in making a spaghetti and making a lumpia and how to roll the ground meat at the lumpia wrapper. We made it and it was a yummy creamy spaghetti ;) Midnight the 2 candles in the table my father light it up. My family been busy opening their presents. I was fun and enjoying. We taking pictures also.hey camera addict! ho!ho!ho!ho! Merry Christmas to everybody.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Late Night

This morning Aillien called she ask me to go with her tomorrow at the market she will buy something for their "Noche Buena". She asked me to help her or teach her how to cook. I just stay home the whole day. We're planning what food to prepare tomorrow. At late night I'm watching TV and while watching I clean the house because I know tomorrow I will go with my friends Aillien at the market. I arrange the living room and the dinning room because I have idea I want to put up some scented candles in the table or somewhere in the living room.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wise Shoppers

Everybody is preparing for the Christmas party. This afternoon I went to the downtown to buy something for my cousins. In downtown I can find more cheaper prize compare to the prize in the mall or department store. Now a days we should be a wise shopper. Traffic jam in downtown also it take 3o min. killing time!! I enjoy shopping and buying those small things for girls like earings, neaklace and etc. and also toys for the boys.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Done my Shopping

I'm done my shopping :) This morning Lorenz and I we went to the orphanage just to give the Christmas gift to my friends. She was surprise she have a Christmas gift from me. After there we went to church and then we met my friends Gloria. She buying lots of toy for her nephews. And we decide to go home because lots of shoppers. I rest for awhile I'm tired. In a few minutes I ckeck my blog but still I dont have a task. While doing my blog I'm also talking to my friends Gray and watching TV. I wait the program ellen I really like to see ellen because she's so funny.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Best Christmas gift

This is the best Christmas gift I ever receive. And I would like to say thank you to the person who really makes me happy. Riza and I we went to SM mall we start buying our presents for our family and friends. It's hard to choice special their are lots of shopper and it's a long line for the counter to pay. Since I dont know how to wrap thanks god in the mall they have a free gift wrapping. I'm save! yeahhh

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Traffic

Bumper to bumper Christmas traffic going to downtown until uptown. wow that will take 30 min. Well, it's normal for us Filipinos do the last minute shopping. I'm going to downtown with Lorenz I bring water and face towel for him because all the sweat not only the cars and jeepney bumper to bumper also the people :(

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I just stay home and of course I'm been checking my blog. Hoping they will give me a task. Even though our computer is not working that will because we only using the dial up that only takes 41.2 kbps that was so...patience is all I need for our computer. hehehe :) I prepare not to go out today because I don't have any important things to do outside and I don't have enough money if I will do my shopping today. I rather sleep the whole afternoon. And really get a good afternoon sleep.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Friendship Ring

Pamela and Bernadette we meet at the mall. I'm surprise Pamela give me as her Christmas present a silver friendship ring and Bernadette give sandal for my son. I never expect anything that day from them. So I was thinking what I'll can give them as my Christmas gift also. I text my sister to come with me , we will go somewhere in downtown. Their are lot's of shoppers buying and it was so crowded, plus Lorenz is with us also. Well, it was fun shopping and selecting items for our friends and families. How many days to go...Christmas is coming!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

How I wish!

What a beautiful Sunday morning!! I'm thinking how many days before Christmas and I want to go shopping buy something for my family and Friends, but I don't have money to buy a Christmas gift for them .Well for me not all gifts are under the Christmas tree.Most of them found in the...HEART! Anyways as long we're together and happy.Next month is already 2008 year of the rat! Hope and pray all my wishes will come true. And of course peace on earth, happiness and good health for everybody. I was not able to go to the church to hear mass. I just stay home the whole day check my mail and of course my blog. It's raining and it's so nice to sleep this kind of weather. Zzz

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Family Day

Again we wake up early.Today is the Family Day celebration at their school.This one week affair will culminate and will highlighted to all of us both home and school.This will strengthen our bonding to the teachers , students or pupils and we the parents. During the event they have mass, games, program and dining together or "Salu-salo" the raffle draw and BINGO SOCIAL. For dining together every parents we have to bring our own food and drinks to be shared for everybody. It was a fun event with the parents, teachers and the students. The whole day event! My friends Maricor called me it's her birthday today she invited us for a dinner.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dance Palabas for K1

I wake up early this morning around 5 a.m because I have to prepare my self early. Today is their dance palabas because they are the first one to perform. They dance in the music of under the sea, it was a fishy and colorful for the kindergarten 1& 2. I was so excited to saw my son dancing. Because what can you expect at their age they can't make their dance perfect at least they try their best. All the parents they are so happy watching their kids dancing with their head! This afternoon me, mom and Lorenz we went to downtown she buy something for this coming Christmas. Ci re called. Miss us and I told... see you soon hopefully next year.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fine morning

It was a fine morning. I check my blog and mail. Well, still waiting to have a task! It really help a lot. Even though I'm a stay home mom in the same time I'm earning. Thank you for the advertisers and to all who visit my blog by taking some of their time reading. This afternoon I went to downtown I canvass some products for our business. And also preparing Lorenz attire for their playground demonstration tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


1. Do you believe that friends can be lovers, but lovers can never befriends?

- friends can BE lovers, yes.. but lovers being friends? depends...sometimes its hard to be friends with someone who broke your heart...

2. Do you believe that you can learn to love someone kahit hindi mo talaga sya mahal?

- yes, love can be learned... for meat least

3. Who is your ideal partner?

- someone who will love me for me --responsible, caring, sensitive,sensible, loving, god-fearing, smart

4. missing?

- someone? yeah and he knows it

.5. Are you always serious when it comes to relationships?

- if I'm committed and is really into that person, YES.

6. Which one do you prefer, friendship or relationships?

- I'd say it depends, i think its better if u have both.

---well, this is some of the question that my friends wants to know me in terms of realationships and about love life.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I feel Sad

I have to wake up early as 5:30 a.m this morning because it was the opening of their intramural at their school. It was a fine morning for us but in a few minutes I feel dizzy maybe because I don't get enough sleep last night.Anyways the programs was so nice watching those kids dancing with their attires. I try to called Gloria because I have something to ask about the task I post last night. I felt so bad for i though i made it successfully I was wrong! but I think I need Gloria's help this time it seems she has a problem. I'm been waiting Gloria to come to visit.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Payday Loans

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Thank you God!

thanks God I already know how to post my task.. i did it! wow i can't believe. Thanks to my friend Gloria for the effort of teaching me...muchhh this is my first time eventhough my computer is not working well but still i made it. Patience is all i need with my computer. Thank you so much..

chocolate galore

It was a chocolate galore for us.Finally I already received the package from korea.This is our early christmas gift from my cousin. To my cousin Analisa and her family I know she will always read my blog thank you so much. muah :) This morning I send some card
to my special friends. At my son's school I met my co-worker before when I was in taiwan. We are talking about business and her life. And this afternoon we went to downtown because we are looking some dress for my sister christmas party this coming Dec 14..At Mcdonalds I was surprise I met my classmate and she's close friend during our high school days! She still remember my name. hehehe

Sunday, December 9, 2007


It was a beautiful Sunday morning and nothing to do. I better clean our room oh my god. I clean up all the mess and I change new bed cover and curtains with all the sweat. That was a good exercise. After cleaning our room I wash all of those.Maybe because Christmas is fast approaching I just want to see our house clean specially in our room. So that we are ready to welcome the year 2008 with peace of mind.right? Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everybody out there...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sale for 50% off

I wake up early this morning because Lorenz they have a dance practice in their school. This afternoon we went to the mall I buy him a new shoes. I felt sad because I don't have enough money for the shoes he want and that cost a lot. I explain to him. Thanks he understand until we found the cheapest, branded and with good quality . Timing it's a sale for 50% off. Save by the bell!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

She Reveal...

It was a 1st Friday of the month we hear mass together with my friends Gloria we went to Sto Nino church. We attended the 6:30 pm mass.After there we went to the mall we ate siomai yummy with hot sauce.Gloria she reveal something and she been hiding this for 4 months. Well,that's your life and you choice to hide from us your friends for me that's ok I understand. I'm happy for her...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

GEt Secured

Are you secured? Well, start to save now! I have some tips save and expenses. In Car insuranceindustry they have lots of products available or to be offered. Me personally we get insurance for my son. When it comes to education, my son deserves the best. It’s the only way I can make his future secure and stable. Home insurance we always like to think that starting to save early is the key to have a worry-free future. Because when my parents have their life insurance so that when they will get older they have their will every ready to serve you. A cash back also for your retirement or pension. In terms of accident the that will obviously pay for the cost. Don’t you know that Insurance is the business for people who do not have the money to start their own business. Come to think of it life is full of surprises, what are you waiting for get one that will provide you needs. Be insured!

Thankful to my Friends

What a cold Wednesday morning. It’s a rainy weather upon us. And it’s easy to catch a virus, which causes colds & flu. Lorenz wakes up early this morning because they have a dance practice in their school. I feel don’t like to go out but I don’t have choice.Anyways after I take him I will go back to sleep or I will study how to post the task and the codes of each sites. I’m so thankful to my friends Gloria with out her I can’t do it.

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Easy for your Budget

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Don’t dare to ask me what and how I feel at this very minute. Because it’s a bit hell..hehe sorry for the word! Im not used to utter this word but for now I’m given the chance. For you to understand what am I reiterating here. Last night my damn laggard internet connection gives me turmoil. It is when I have important to do the tasks that is also where the connection darn a heaven!:P imagine i went to bed at 4am for the 3 tasks only to submit. I feel pity with my son because his school has been affected of tardiness..heheeheh

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Disclosure Policy

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Alternative medicine for KIDs

Alternative Medicine for KIDs

My son has a sore throat and he doesn’t want to take his medicine; one of my friends comes to visit me. I told her my son has a sore throat he doesn’t like to take his medicine. She said hares an alternative ways “God send you for me” she said this is effective & yummy recipe to cure him. Peel 2 medium, ripe banana & break into chunks then blend. Add orange juice Concentrate, warm water and honey. Blend until smooth. Pour evenly Into a cup & let Lorenz drinks up this healthy, sore throat buster.Ok I hope he will like the taste. I will share this alternative medicine for kids.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I signed up PPP

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Counting Down...

Counting down before Christmas it’s 23 days to go… It’s 1st Sunday of December. I was not able to hear mass today and its raining also. I have nothing to do but to check my mail and do my blog. This morning I’m talking to David friends of Eric. He shared he got a good news from his ex-wife. Well, I told him that’s life; anyways she’s too young to be alone. And you’re too old to be alone also.hahaha joke!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm so HaPpY

I take my son to their school around 12:30 noon. They have a dance practice in preparing for their intramurals this coming December 11-15. Some parents they are watching their kids dancing at the gym. When we got home I directly sit down in front of the computer. I’m so happy I got paid from my blog. Hope they will still give me more and more new task. As a Christmas gift.