Sunday, March 25, 2007

a parent

I'm a single mom of a 5 year old boy named Lorenz Kyle. I given birth last June 9, 2002 at Cebu Maternity Hospital. Lorenz weight 2900 grams that's 2.5 kg only. His acute little boy. His the only baby in the house and the first grandson of my parents. They are all happy, despite of what happened or what i had done. All parents wants their children to have a good future or to be able to find a good partner in life. Well, that's life after all..Life without suffering and pain exist only in fairytale for life indeed is a mixture of sunshine and rain, laughter and tears, pleasure and pain. So, in life we need to know how to play. Because if we don't know how we gonna be a loser!!.

Being a mother and a father in the same time it's so hard. And the worst nightmare of every parents if your child needed urgent medical help, but you didn't even know it. Because young children or babies are notoriously bad at describing their aches and pains and same illnesses can be easily overlooked. In my case I will bring him to his doctor to be sure and just to be safe. Lorenz had been susceptible to cough and fever. As a 5 year old boy he didn't gain a lot of weight, plus his so picky and restless.

The biggest role of being a parent is how to discipline and educate your child. Educate , because teenagers nowadays are full of imagination and curiosity about their surroundings. Temptation is everywhere. There's a saying "bend the tree while it is still young". Communication and being open minded between parents and child, at least he/she can share what's going on...:)

Monday, March 19, 2007


i just started this so called blog. i honestly don't have idea what to write. should i rant about myself? or think of the possibilty i can earn on this? whatever the mission is, i'll start myself getting to know in the world of blog! I guess anyone here would help me welcome!:)