Saturday, October 31, 2009

pocket calendar

I need to have a pocket calendars for keeping me or others abreast of upcoming events, dates, appointments, deadlines, or special occasions. Like now a days we're busy at work and we forget somethings.It's so nice to have this kind and handy pocket planner in your bag or pouch because it's so easy for you to access your daily activities.At amsterdamprinting they have lot's of stuffs for school ,office supply, apparel and with a large variety for motivational items at a low price.A perfect store where you can buy all your needs,name it they have it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Caller ID

This is a good technology or system that you can track your caller on your phone or's so easy to trace by using this's advantage if you have caller ID..if you don't trust or you have some doubts with your partner, it's so easy for you to trace..You will know and you will identify the number the caller.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bath robe

Every woman wants to feel comfy and relaxing.You don't need to go to the spa to have a body spa or to pamper yourself.You can do it in your house, have a bubble bath,light on the scented candle smell the aroma in your bath room just take your time at the bathtub enjoy!..just imagine that your spending your time at a five star hotel in sauna..Because the perfect after taking a bath is wearing a nice soft 100% cotton terry-cotton-bath-robe or
waffle-weave-bath-robe, keep your body warm and feel the smoothness of the bath robe touches on your skin. Be comfy as they are light weight and also a super absorbent. Me I'm using the oh-mint-bath-towel-wraps after taking a shower because I feel comfortable and I used it also when we went to the beach down in St George Island at Florida. The towel wrap it's not just a ordinary towel, it's a fashionable nice colorful and soft!

Enjoy taking shower..lalala..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

double take software

Maybe your asking what's double take software offer's you? It's a group of expertise like architect, who will design and implement a fail-safe dynamic infrastructure plan that allows you to oprerate at global speed without disruption. It will help you jump start your new lines of business, the good example is blogging! They have the high availability of services. This is what i need the Double Take Software, because I'm planning to buy my own domain.Like one of my blogger friend she have a pretty good source of income just doing her own business at home.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

My coin collecting

Eric he love to collect things, he have a collection of cars and baseball cups. ..Yesterday while we are cleaning our drawer I saw some rare coin. I never though that Eric he like to collecting different kinds of coins also. When I saw that 1976 one dollar coin I'm shock it's big maybe 3x bigger a quarter.And also one of his collection that catches my eyes these one dollar coins , the print of the front was a lady carrying a baby on her's so cute.He have also these half dollar that was year 1776-1976 coins. It was so amazing the coins before is bigger than the coins now a days.

The rarity of the coins has a huge affect on rare coin value.
So to those people who have rare coins, the Monaco Rare coin can show you great opportunities available in the rare coin marketplace today! The Rare coin investing is one of the keys to success in this field. Collecting and investing in rare gold coins and silver coins is on of the most fun and profitable things you can do.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

back-2-school w/ nap mat

How time flies fast,our son Lorenz his already in 2nd grade.Back to school shopping doesn't have to be stressful, if we shop smart, you will find it's actually fun! Is your wallet ready?(wink)

With the return to school comes shopping for supplies. Book bag an obvious supply that all students need and I found these a good quality stephen-joseph-backpack and they have also a nice fashionable colorful stephen-joseph-quilted-backpack I'm pretty sure the kids will be excited.
The kids they have list of items to buy., these can help us , what kind of school items they really needed for each class or for the whole school year.Some teacher they require nap-mat ,Binders and Folders just to organize their things or for each subject..and of course we bought pencil case, pencil and crayon, glue and much more..We make it sure that our son have everything he needs in school.Because if you provide your kids what they need in school they have the courage or interest to study .And especially it's brand new,from head to toe! The uniform , socks and shoes.Buying all of these school supplies it's so fun!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Symbol of LOVE

Basking until dusk? When do the wedding bells ring? Wedding rings are just pieces of metal they can't touch the symbol of love that comes from this tiny life.. At san diego weddings on a boat your dream will come true. Your sailing down into a magnificent sunset on the most beautiful paradise of San Diego together with your love once and of course to the person married for . What a nice and a romantic wedding on the San Diego Dinner cruises , it's gonna be fun and memorable wedding, sailing the wind will carry you to whale watching. Make the most of it it's your special day..And also they have this a romantic, luxurious San Diego Yacht Charter that can accommodates all of your family and friends, just to make the most of you special wedding.The ultimate symbol of love that you two the name of LOVE!


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Friday, October 2, 2009

first day!

I have a job and today is the first day! I woke early this morning to make it sure Lorenz his also ready for school and Eric he take day off today because his not feeling good! My mother in law she came by here in our house she take me a ride to my work. And she introduce me to Miss Dayan and some of the farmers..As of now we are only 3 workers, I'm working as a sampler and it's kinda scary because I have to go up and operate that machine to get a sample peanut using that tube! That machine I have to move backward, forward, and sidewards . Because there are certain pattern that I need to follow I need to move that machine 5x for one trailer each! I messed up 2x.
We have 1 hr. break (lunch) Only for today I have my "private driver" (lol) He cook for our lunch.
THis afternoon I'm all by my self before I start to pray to Mama Mary that she will guide me and protect me from harm.. I take a deep breath and I start my work..I have to be focus..of course first day they have to understand. I'm so worried because I don't have experience that kind of job! Well, anyways I'm still learning..hehe We will be back on Monday maybe it's gonna be a long day for us..Maybe tomorrow I will buy a face mask because it's so dusty.

So tonight I need a body massage my legs and my back is hurting.. :(