Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Precious metals

Spring is almost here! With me, feeling of peace with spring..outdoor full of activities, spring gently warm our souls :D

How the economy is doing today? This is most people asking there any improvement or any signs that we can make it! The economy is affecting many things in people's daily lives.The businesses are being just like everything else.However we can turn this into a positive if we do it correctly.Because our natural life is just like the four seasons. This season is the perfect to invest your money ,because most investor generally buy gold bullion as a hedge. Making money buying and selling products at the retail level is an excellent way to make your business profitable. These is the clever way to roll your money...these are some things that people will continue to purchase on an ongoing basis regardless of how the economy is doing.
Whatever gonna happen to the economy, other markets may fluctuate immensely, but the price of gold always ensures a stable investment.

love hurts!

Warm and sunny today!
This morning I received a call from David. He want me to call at their house just to talk to Rowena. David his thinking that Rowena needs someone to talk to..He knows that Rowena she feel bored . And David wants me also to tell Rowen how he really felt towards her..David confess us how much he loves Rowena, but it's so complicated for them..I told David you have to solve your first problem before you will pursue to the other one. So now David his working on it to settle things between his wife and him,.Oh, well love you can't really dictate and ain't easy living two lives at all..fall out of LOVE!!!

So much with that Eric he order pizza for our supper..yum..yummy! Every Wednesday our son Lorenz he will be home late because his attending a kids gathering at Preston Baptist church here in our town. We're not Baptist , the reason why I let him attend that kind of gathering first to know God and his words..second to gain more friends. After their activity they feed the kids, so that's why I don't need to cook anymore, unless if we don't  have left over. As what my sister said "cost cutting"! hahaha

Easter Lily

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abf Easter Lily: This is what Eric give us one for his mom and one for me. They start blooming already , but still we was not able to give  this flower to his mom yet. Each pot they have 6 flowers..smells good here inside the house , like the scent of a sampaguita flower a sweetly tropical and a heady it!
Saturday we will give that flower to his mom..because on Easter Sunday we have already  planned ; we will attending the morning mass 10:30 AM-English at St. Mary Catholic Church in Americus  maybe with Rowena.
Around 1:30 P.M. Lorenz he has a baseball practice. They practice 3 times a week..their practice usually run 2-3 hours.It is a learning experience for sure!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Career path

Wonderful sunny Tuesday!All things bright and beautiful.Spring is almost here. Because the taste of spring would be sweet, everything that grows in the spring is sweet!
This few weeks I can't sleep well, too much on my mind. One time I mention to my hubby,I want to take nursing course or something that is related in medical,and since I'm a caregiver I wanted to learn more. Eric said try to search and gather information where you can find a
cna training information that will fit you. As what he knows that kind of job is very physical just like a caregiver also. You must have the ability to do things that require a lot of back breaking work such as heavy lifting,walking and standing for prolonged period of time.
And I think I'm kinda interested for this kind of training. Although my knowledge is not enough at least I have some idea with this kind of work..I can write, read , and speak & understand English :D why not to try,I'll go for it!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lions vs. Louisiana

Saturday we watch Columbus Lions vs. Louisiana Swashbucklers game at Columbus Civic Center. The ticket cost $10 bucks only! But we set at the upper concourse..The game started 7:30 P.M. the crowd favorite team of course the Lions!

Even though I'm kindda grouchy, I have to go out in the house to take a fresh air also. When we arrived at the Center lots of people falling in line to get or buy tickets. Since we have our tickets Lorenz and I we go ahead to find our spots, because Eric he have to wait his Eric at the gate. 210 A,K 17,18 to 19 that's our set # ... above us there are those girls screaming cheering for the team LIONS! it's so annoying but I have to understand. What makes me mad that night one of the girl she spills me her snow cone all over my hair thru my jacket and into my chair..she so clumsy! When I look at them they still been laughing I didn't say anything they say sorry but it's not sincere!! Because they still laughing of what happened! I walk out I went to the rest room..But before I go I ask the lady who assign on that area..Who's those girls and look at me what they did! After that I don't know what happened..Eric he get mad because the lady she say bad against me! The lady she follow me at the rest room she ask apology and she said the girls they clean your chair already..and I said they have to be careful because they are not the only people over there.. I'm back to my sit it's kindda stinky and messy..
Anyways, Columbus Lions won 88 vs. 32 way to go guys. After the game we met the players and taking some pictures with them.

It was a nice game and a bad night for me in the same time. ^ ^

Friday, March 26, 2010

internet merchant service

Cool Friday evening!
We just back from grocery shopping. This passed week Eric he was pissed off because the house we're leaving in right now is "falling apart" our landlady she don't even care her house anymore..She don't even check if there's anything to be fix or what?! We are so tight with money now a days. Good Eric he have credit card to be use. We buy some material for our bath room and for the kitchen. The house is so old already and it needs some redoing or renovation.
It so nice you have credit card in your wallet for emergency use..but you have to use it wisely. It so easy to use and you can pay it thought your internet merchant accounts. Hassle free, by using the internet merchant service.It is very easy for you to access and a convenient way of doing business.The customers enjoy making choices for the convenient, comfortable and easy way to pay the merchant.

For my opinion this is a helpful idea to have a credit card in your wallet. Some of our friends they have 2-5 cards, their reason they will pay that staggered payment.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

tear drops

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfGood day GA! Yesterday, morning Eric woke up early and he decide not to work because his not feeling well. He need more rest because his left foot is hurting so bad. I woke up late and starving I ate my oatmeal..."trying mgdiet kuno" maybe summer time we will go to the beach again.. so that I can wear my two piece..hahaha joke!! la K all bel2..

Anyways, Eric's friend he came by..He come from doctors' appointment and he go straight to visit us. When I saw him he really look horrible it's so obvious that he have a problem. As what I have told him before this problem come. The time he confess us I already told him what's gonna be the possible will happen if they will pursue their plans..And now it's happening! I never expect that he cried and I got misty eyes! Because as what he have said he already reveal what he felt..and of course it's not that easy to accept or to heard ni ex.Mrs. A.. like the song "Sana dalawa ang puso Ko" . The situation is so complicated for both of them..Oh, well they make their own mess! Fix it before you will enter another problem..lesson to learn. Life is colorful { :

We have lunch together I prepare shrimp on the wrap.. full of burps!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Credit is good!

Good day everyone!
It's nice to be back once again working online. This few day we have some problem with our computer ( CPU ) it's so aggravating it froze every seconds..Eric he talk one of their IT at their work to see or check what's wrong with our computer! But unfortunately the IT guy his busy now a days at their work so he can't check immediately. Now Eric last weekend he decide to purchase a new CPU using his credit cards. He said it's nice we have credit cards to use. The new CPU he bought it has a Window 7 which is he like it and also it's not VISTA anymore!!!
We know that there are some advantages and disadvantages of credit cards for having a credit cards in your wallet. Like for emergency use but the interest some time they will give you more! But for me if you will use your credit cards wisely it's more advantage for you. Because little by little you can pay your credits, like every pay checks.right!
Some of our friends they 2-5 credit cards. So meaning it helps also!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

B I N G O !

BINGO is the game they played!.. My mother in law she have this woman's organizations for the senior citizens. Every month they have gathering. They play bingo the card cost a dollar only and each member they will bring some food. They will start their game exactly 12noon. They play regular bingo, T , big frame, and cover up! After how many games, they will pause for a break. Eating time!!!
Then after the break..continues playing. Oh! by the way this is my 3rd time joining the elderly playing bingo because the regular who will call their numbers is not feeling well or sometimes she's busy . So Friday I'm alone calling the numbers because usually I have my partner my sister n law she was not able to come and I don't know what's her reason..Anyways, it was fun but there is one old lady she always pissed off because she never win!!! LOL poor granny you better luck next time :D
But each one of them they will not go home with empty handed they have door prizes.. All are winner!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Austin & Lorenz they are so sleepy after watching the monster jam pulse the motorcycle stunt riders freestyle. The crowd favorites Grave Digger , Dalmatian and much more they show their insane high speed racing & stunt . They are doing incredible car crushing wheelies and dirt flying doughnut competitions.

It was our first time to watch that kind of event! The kids they are so excited to meet & greet the Monster trucks drivers , picture taking and photo signing..

it was fun!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cool online game

Good morning beautiful day!Today it's gonna be a good day. Because today I'm not home alone my boys around! Lorenz they don't have school for two days.It's Teacher and Student Holiday!

This morning Lorenz he woke up early because he knows that they don't have school today so his so excited to play his game. He ask Eric if he can play at the computer. He knows several games online but he really most is this the poptropica.
He like this game the poptropica. This is the fastest growing online virtual world for the kids and also it's for FREE, it's an amazing entertainment game for all ages. A simple game just the click of the can enjoy playing with your kids.

But for us still with our guidance we will allow our son to play online games.Unfortunately, not all sites are the same quality. We make is sure that site is age-appropriate for him and fun content. Child-safety measure and, preferably, have some educational value that's the most important

Have fun!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Saturday night fever! We just stay home today we been cleaning the house and arranging some stuff. Our friend Jenny, she come by to visit us and she ask Eric if he knows how to burn movies. He knows how because we have the burner for that! But the problem is that's illegal ! Unless we have film licensing is so easy for us to do or to make movies. Because if we violated the copyright law we will get in trouble.Probably NOT!

Home video: means just that viewing of a movie at home by your family or a close circle of friends. It's so nice to spend time to our family and friends.Family fun can be a great way to build relationship, strengthen family ties, and just....Family movie night is a great way to spend time together with all of your children.Family fun can be a great way to build relationship, strengthen family ties, and just ... Family movie night is a great way to spend time together with all of your children at once as well as your spouse.The entire family is happy and relaxing.

Good that there's the mDistribute is now open to all qualified filmmakers and content buyers! They have the high quality mobile video content.

Be one of them!