Monday, June 29, 2009

household chores chart

This morning I made this household chores chart, for our son Lorenz. Just teaching our kids responsibility and self reliance has never been easier or more effective, and you'll fell better as a parent just as your kids will fell happier and self confident as they see themselves being more productive , and in less time since routinizing tasks as much as possible.Anyways this is for his own good..for his future! He was happy and I will let him write latter what his been up to or doing that he can put in on that chore chart pocket. So that when his daddy asking him he has something to show/read. Isn't that good idea?!
I think being a 7 year old , he can start little by little how to work.. household/handle some responsibilities. It's so different here in the states, they have to be responsible or independent.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

for a short of time..

What a beautiful Sunday morning. I woke up around 8:30 A.M Eric he cook pancake for our breakfast, but for me a milk and the a raisin bran this will help for my bowel movement(fiber)! In a few minutes there's the effect fast! (lol)
Lorenz and Eric playing play station..(Ben 10&football Arena) it seem they are having fun. Around 11:30 A.M we went to Americus to watch the Transformers2. It was a nice movie and it tooks almost 3 hrs. Then after at the movie theater, it's seems we're already starving we went to the Huddle House. I only ate hot chicken wings with french fries I shared with Lorenz. Then after there we went to Wal.Mart to grab some groceries. We been out from the hosue for only 6 hrs but we been doing good for that short of time...(wink)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

seas breeze @ Florida

Tuesday we went to Florida with my mother-n-law. Yesterday afternoon around 5 PM we arrived, these are some of the pics that I took.
Lorenz and me it's our first time to go that place, it so nice.My mother-n-law they have their own travel trailer. I am amazed with their elevated houses over there. One thing that I go crazy taking pictures is the sunset it's so pretty.. :D We're having fun and we really enjoy the heat of the fact we have sun burn..(wink) My mother-n-law they do this every 3 times a month it depends on her health because she need to inhale a fresh air from the sea/breeze. That time it's not busy yet because it's week days. What I have noticed most of the residence there they have boats. It's so weird we saw lot's of little crabs with one big arm only..and it's so funny every morning you will see them it's like they are exercising their one big arm I told to my son Lorenz that's why they have that muscle arm!! hehehe
Anyways, they plan to move the travel trailer next week to the other side of Florida. Hope they will invite us again..(wink)

Monday, June 22, 2009


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d' ultimate car washing

Yesterday we Celebrating the Father's Day. I made a "homemade greeting card" for Eric and I let Lorenz write on it. Although I'm kinda crampy yesterday but still we made it THE ULTIMATE CAR WASHING as our gift for him. Eric help also and Lorenz he enjoy playing the water he took shower also. After all the car washing/cleaning I feel tried I took a nap. Eric he cook for our dinner, then we went to his parents place to give the gift card to his daddy. Dad order 2 pizza Italian sausage & pepperoni.. which is Lorenz like it "kapal muks na ang akong anak"! He love pepperoni (wink). Mom she's not feeling well she been coughing2x. On Tuesday Lorenz and I we are going to her at Florida. We're going at the beach we will stay 3 days..we will stay at their travel trailer. I'm excited but I can't wear my two piece (lol) :D

Best of time

Yesterday, the entire world was celebrating the Father’s day. The best time to express our love and appreciation. They were the light and source of strength of the family. At this day, everybody was looking the unique to offer of our dearest father. Well, I had sent my simplest greeting card to my father and hubby. That I am so grateful having them in my life. They were always anytime of the day to guide and protect us. Because I am still a homey wife and daughter,a simple greetings the best I could express my love was my hand written greeting card/homemade, pity, but this can be the only one I can afford of my appreciation for now. If my pocket was available I would definitely grab the ultimate favorite of my parents the watches. I had hopped around in which has various selections of watches to offer . I was completely allured of the offer but I need to hold my breath maybe one day soon I can take the chance. Though father’s day had passed there is still other occasion to share my gratitude to them. I had already ideas where to find a perfect gift to our Dad,Mom and to friends that wouldn’t give me a hard time cracking my head the gift to give. It will definitely be in my list for the next occasion.

Check it out:
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Best Of Time

Friday, June 19, 2009

Multiplayer gmaes

Are you looking for a fun and enjoyable online game for this summer vacation ? Because I have something to share with you I found this website, me and my friends we enjoy playing.This online game it's for FREE and not only that the site is so fast you won't feel bored! Many people playing on this online game the multiplayer games,
the only thing you can do is to sign in and invite your friends to play with because you will playing with some of the other players worldwide.(wink)

So what are you waiting for,create your own group and start playing with your friend.Enjoy playing guy's see you there!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cebuana Friend..Belle

Belle thank you for helping me, girl I owed you! I knew it basta Cebuana "mabait". I talk to her yesterday at first she has a doubt and but then when she ask me some question the doubt is gone! And it's so funny, my cousin kristina (kri2) they are office mate before not only that I know some of her classmate from their elementary days..what a small world.

She so nice. Bel, share her knowledge about blogging and some site where I can also earn extra $$ I'm so thankful to know Belle. o;)

'til next time girl just give me a ring..ok doks!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Love team of the Year!!

Lorenz and Micah. Eric and I we invited Micah to come...Lorenz birthday party because we know that Micah she really like Lorenz. As what her grandma told us she was so happy. Micah said she will also invite Lorenz at their house to go swimming. Oh! well kids...are so fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7th Birthday

Yesterday it was Lorenz 7th birthday. Eric , mom and meH we're decorating the porch. Because we decide to held Lorenz his at their place. So, Eric he help blowing the balloons and he grilled. Mom she also making some beans and the potato salad. The party started around 1:30 P.M . Everybody was there his uncle Phil & family and classmate. The kids they enjoy the party and the bday boy he so happy because finally he got a bicycle. Grandma and grandpa they are happy that we celebrate Lorenz bday at their place because as what they said it's been a long time they never had a party. oh, how sweet...thank you also for helping us.

Rustic furniture

We like rustic furniture. What do I wanted to have for our house is a authentic barn wood dinning table. I want a natural looking,although it's rustic but modern atmosphere into our kitchen.Because for us that brings nature into our home for a warm feeling of comfort relieving from the stress of everyday life.
I have these picture just kinda like that..Classic square or the rectangle leg table and with six chair set.
Hope that will help your business..good luck!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


End of the season..T-ball 2nd place for this year 2009 MUDCATS! The Wildcats beat MUDCATS! It's alright we're proud of you guy's. Today the little one played in field like Clay his doing good catching that ball most of them they are having fun. Unlike the other team the Wildcats they are so serious to win the game. The Wildcats kids it's seems they are not playing the T-Ball game because they really can catch and they can hit that ball very hard! And I think most of them they have experienced...MUDCATS kids most of them are fist timer and their ages 4-6 years old. It's like they are still a baby wearing their diapers :P (lol) Anyways, you all doing good MUDCATS!This season all the kids they will received awards(trophys)..Congratulation!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

muddy field

Tonight MUDCATS vs MUDCATS!They start the game at 6 P.M. Here comes the rain they stop the game and trying to get that water on the field, they want to resumed the games tonight because tomorrow it's gonna be the big day for championship.The kids they want to play at the muddy field.. It's a close fight but at the end Mr.Duck team win with all the mud on their uniforms and a wet socks. As what their coach told them whether we can beat the Wildcats or not his happy already.The game end up until 8:30 P.M. good luck for tomorrow guy's sleep tight.(wink)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yesterday it's the first day of the tournament everyone is gathered in the field for the national anthem. Parents, sisters, brother, and grandparents are there to supports theirs team.Then after singing the national anthem they started the game right away. MUDCATS vs. SHARKS from Dawson. Some of the kids they are not paying attention and some are still confuse what to do!Oh, well what can we expect with Tball kids they are so young to understand the game yet . But at the end of the game MUDCATS win!yahoooo... Tonight will see what's gonna happen...give some update. :D