Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yesterday I started my seasonal job and it was so hot and I'm sweating like a pig! Anyways,I need this job..This morning we're loaded and here I am again sweating!

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Happy shopping☻

Sunday, September 19, 2010

US Bureau

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The US Gold Bureau conquering around the world....

my new baby

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfKia Optima 2006.5 model this is my new baby! So this time I have to be serious about it..focus and have courage and confident. We went to Albany yesterday  and never though that we end to buy a car. Tomorrow Eric he will get the car and with the down payment of 2T the mode of payment is monthly for 2 years. I love it and the pedal it's kinda touchy but hopefully I can drive it safely☻ So now I have my own I can practice everyday maybe I can drive Lorenz to his school and to my work with out any hassle . Because I don't have my permanent drives license yet! ☻


This is one of the first signs that summertime is done. Masses of leaves form into one plants are decaying..I just finish clean at our yard lot's of dry leaves! I can hear the soft rustling as they fall from the trees. While I'm cleaning the mosquito's are attacking me! grrrrr^~^
Tomorrow I will start my seasonal job. I will be operating the sampler machine again. Last year I was not so friendly with that machine..pissed me off always has a problem! Hopefully there's no major problem and they fix it!
Lorenz,his grandma Ann will pick him up in the afternoon. There are some changes as of now, but after these seasonal job, back to normal (";

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kidz game

Looking for kids games? How about create your own animals and mythical world full of fun and adventure and much more?? You have come to right place! We hope this site brings you lots of happy memories with your kids
Play kids games that are both fun and educational. These game offers kids a safe environment to discover their abilities and learn new skills, with interactive and fun online games. The game build skills in memory, logic, geography, color identification and other various problem solving.

Word game! The kids go crazy when they heard it! just like my son Lorenz. During summer time he always play online game. School days , he can't play hes game. He have to focus with his study..I only allowed him to play, during weekend. And also he have to ask permission from me or his dad before he can play on the computer so that we will know what website hes browsing/log in to.. The internet can be an enjoyable addition to your children's education, just be wise and supervise.

buy gold

I read an article and it says: Gold is a unique investment. From the time of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to more modern times, man has had an affinity for gold.

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Today, the beauty of a gold bar lies in its ability to diversify investments, protect wealth and preserve one's purchasing power!

go eagle

This is Brandon my hubby's nephew. He transfer school from Webster top Marion High and now his  plying Marion County (Eagles) being a varsity. We watch his game & Lord, it was so sizzling hot! But anyways his improving he knows how to tackle now. As what his uncle Eric told him you have to move and learn how to tackle.  They won 42 to 6! way to go Eagles!!!
This is he wants to be a football varsity that's why he have to find a school that will handle this kind of activity, because here in Webster they have  but they have some prob with their player kids most of them fail in their academic subject. Which not right anymore they still have to focus to their academic before anything else~! Being a varsity you have to maintain you grades too!

good provider☻

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfLast night Brando they have  game in Schley County High. It was a nice game they play hard! The supporter for Marion they all wear red! And it was their night, because the score  is 49 to 0..
It was late  they finish their game and it's a long drive for us too. I feel bad for Eric because the whole game he been standing he never had a change to sit down to relax his legs. Because stadium is pack of students & parents or supporters. My sister-in law they have that beach chair but Eric being a big guy he can't sit down that kind of chair.
Today Eric, his helping couching the softball kids with the  Webster County  HS couches. Yesterday, Eric he take Laura a ride and he notice why she's wearing a regular shoes.So maybe later we will go somewhere , he will buy Laura a clits(shoes).

Saturday, September 11, 2010

online dating

Beautiful Morning everyone!
Last night I'm talking to my dear friend Emie,it was her birthday..We've been talking for 3 hrs. on the phone. We missed those day that we been together, talking about our life & family. She said that they still don't have good communication with her sister as while as to her bf. And she been keeping that same old problem and there are times that she wants to give up! I feel pity to her. Emie, ask me if I have some suggestion just to get rid of pain in her heart.
Well, if your ready to move on and live your life. I will recommend you this online dating geek dating service maybe here can find your soul mate or partner that will love and understand you! This is a Geek Dating service it's a social network that connects you with the Adult singles near your area. It just take a less than a minute to create your profile and then you can start browsing. simple & easy!

Good luck my friend I guarantee you will meet your perfect guy :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

finally found ♥

Today's Gospel
Luke 6:27-38 Nothing can come but that God will. And I make me very sure that whatsoever that be, seem it never so bad in sight, it shall indeed be the best.

Oh, yeah! only God knows everything, he set up way before we arrived. Like a movie producer, God did the prep work, built the sets, got the casting ready, and financed our great, big movie masterpiece.But God isn't the director. He doesn't run your or our picture. We are the director of our lives. God doesn't pull the strings. He jsut wants us to have fun, make a good movie, and to follow our dreams.

Base in my experience, 9 years ago my life it's kinda miserable because of what happened , when the father of my son denying me! But after that I learn my lesson and move on...And live life with my son and family. My friend register me in a free online dating chester. I have fun talking with different kind of people.After a few months I finally found my prince!
God is good all the time he give me a man who will accept me for who am I and willing to be a father and accept him as his own son..To my hubby, thank you for sharing your life with us. His a good protector and provider..we l♥ve you!

Thank You, Lord, so very much for sharing him with us ♥

Friday, September 3, 2010

handy dandy card

Good day everyone~!Yesterday afternoon it was the annual open house at Webster County. We meet Lorenz's teacher Ms. Anne, she was a nice lady and she tell us, her ways..we parents also updated to our kids progress! Both mom and child to prepare to go back to school.We bought all of his school supply list and I think Lorenz his ready to go back to school.
So before we left I give my mommy cards to the teacher just in case if theirs any problem in the school she can directly reach me. I'm so glad that I have this card, it's professional and neat. My hubby order these for me and he design it and he pick my favorite color for the card. When I received that card I'm so glad to myself, the first time I saw my name in print. It's handy and easy for me to give, especially I don't keep pen in my purse.
Whether you are looking for a job or running a business, giving out business cards is crucial to marketing your skills or services. Even as a job seeker, develop the mindset of running the business of YOU,Inc. Business cards speak volumes about who you are, what you offers and how serious you are marketing You, Inc. as a business. For example! So, you have a resume and don't need business cards. Can you carry 10 or more resumes in your wallet?. Your business cards is your handy dandy card!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I feel sad because I never expect that will happened to us last night. Maybe I would like to say sorry for being ME and I appreciate it for all the things and the love he has given to us..:(

Well, anyways so much so with that...My in laws they have dog named Max. Max he is 12 years old but he is still strong and healthy .That's because my in laws they take good care of Max as their own kid. He have his own vitamins and some medications for his arthritis(legs) and of course they give Max the best dog food. Because he already belong to the senior"citizen" dogs =)) They make it sure that he will maintained his healthy weight.
A daily diet of his balanced nutrition will satisfy the hungriest adult dog , appetites, but not your urge to rub that thin belly.
Max is my father in law dog, he always on his side...he just stay there and behave at my dad's shop. Around 6 P.M. dinner time Max and floppy (cat)they will wait mom at the porch, they know their time!