Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to School

Back to school kids! Today is the first day of school for Webster County. Our son Lorenz he woke up around 7 A.M. He rides the school bus..Meh, back to normal home alone! But this morning I'm talking to my sister Riza. Maybe later I will start reading my driver's manual. This time I'm gonna be serious about it because I'm really eager to learn how to drive. Hopefully I will understand what I'm reading.. (winK) On Monday my friend Kenia she will teach me again how to drive..I need to focus because last time I'm so confuse with my feet..the break & gas!

Anyways, have a nice week end everyone!

real estate agents

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

birthday baShhhhhhh!

graphic from

thank you guy's for remembering my birthday!

It's a rainy birthday basH for mhE!!! Maybe this is a sign for more & more blessings :D later i will cook spag for our supper..long life SPAGHETTI.(lol)I remember when i was a little girl my mom will killed a chicken then the blood of the chicken she will put some on my forehead and make a cross.I wonder why..'coz until now I don't know why what's that significant of the chicken blood!? have you try that also?? Anyways, now we're here in the foreign land it's really different,isn't?! Just like this morning Eric called me from work he's asking what kind of cake do i like the regular or the ice cream cake? i said jst try to figure :D Anyways, unlike in Ph "PAKALS jud" here they will come jst to eat cake and ice cream that's all..
matipid sila..ang pinoy all the way jud!!! hehehe

Thank you God for my 34th bday on this world and for all the blessing you have given to us..i wish much more years to come and good health to my family and friends too.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

clogged up

I have problem with our kitchen sink is clogged up! I tell my hubby about it so that he can fix! Last night I help Eric ,he bought a clog remover, but it wont work out.. . This morning he try to called dad if they have some equipment to drain the pipes..Eric he try to bought this liquid fire it's like a clog remover also but this kind of liquid is so strong..hopefully this can help to drain the pipes.
I'm a little sad because my opp was been reject I don't know I try to click the link and it's working..ambottttttt!!! I will cross my finger i hope this time... :D

Friday, July 24, 2009

CJ components

Have your heard the Afghanistan News? Two US soldiers were killed in an attack in southern Afghanistan.These soldiers they wear a uniform that represents the honor, courage and determination of the most respected force on earth.And they will die with honor..! So sad to heard that news for their family and friends.And now there are thousands more US Marines and British troops have been deployed in Southern Afghanistan to help bolster security ahead of the polls. I hope they have enough equipments to communicate their troops when they are on the ground or field this field_telephone they need this kind of communication system a hi-tech equipment or device that is easy for them to use and also I would like to introduce this one of the products from cjcomponents the digital_field telephone. At the ground these mans they need more and more communication system that is durable and they are comfortable to carry on or to use.Now the CJcomponents they design these kind of products also for the military,special force, homeland security,police and SWAT, the Crewman Helmet this a heasdset microphone built into shell and liner of helmet..this provides so easy to use, so that they can monitor their mans or other troops, as what they said Communication is most important.right? I am so glad that I found this I hope this can help or give them more ideas to all the soldiers and military out there where they can buy headsets and for their communication system. Because as I read the website the they manufacturing and logistical service of military electronics and communication equipments and also their products was meet the rigid military standard because they test their equipment.The they always doing their very best to develop or enhance more in their products.
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To all the soldiers our PRAYERS be with you!

St George Island

St George trading Co.

the light house & d' st. George museum, playground
condominium and the beach

the city of St.George Island

bridge going to the Island

It was a nice place. We stay at the Gulf View Campground and mobile home park. My mother in law they rent at that place for $350/month. She said they pick that place because that's the cheapest one. That island they called the "oyster city". Down on that bridge early in the morning you can see many boats and some people do fishing also.

ss #

This morning we woke up so early because we are going to Albany. Finally we got our green card so now we have to get or apply for our Security Card/number. We left home with out taking anything for our breakfast, so we stop at McDonald's. We have biscuit & sausage plus hash browns. :) We arrived at the Social Security office 8:40 A.M. It was so quick because when I was in the rest room I heard our number so I was not able to finish..I run rush to the window 11. The lady who was their she don't know yet how to what she said it's her first time. Anyways, her co-worker help her. We done about 9:30 A.M. so Eric bring as at the Flint River Aquarium. There are many kids it's so crowded..But we really enjoy it!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

lazy sunday morning :)

I feel so lazy today, I don't feel like to go out I just want I to sleep and sleep..My two boys Eric & lorenz they want me to go with them at Austin house to go swimming. I didn't go with them..While they are not here I'm preparing some thing that I would like to bring for our 4 days vacation again at Florida with my mother in law she said this is nicer than the last time.
Eric & Lorenz they arrived around 5:30 P.M they bring some hot chicken wings for our supper and I make some garlic rice. I'm be gone for awhile..hop when I go back I have more & more opp to work on ..(wink)

Friday, July 17, 2009

it was a delishhhh supper

This time it's our turn to invite Kenia's family in our house. It's a cook out..we have corn,pork chops,potato salad , sausage and the bake beans.. So this morning we cleaning the house with my son Lorenz his helping me mopping the floor and taking out the trash. Around 11 A.M I start boiling the potatoes for my potato salad, the pork chops I already marinate that yesterday afternoon with lemon juices , soy sauce (silver swan) , chili powder, garlic powder ,salt&pepper and a little vinegar. Eric he arrived from work early and then he help me. I start baking the beans quarter to 5 P.M and also Eric he start grilling the pork chops and the sausage.Oh, I make some garlic rice was so good! delishhhhh..amammmmm :D Kenia's husband he really like the bake beans..I learn it from my mother in law how she enhance her beans(bush beans) thanks mom :D For our dissert it was a chocolate coated ice cream (brown cow)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ugly sweater

Huh!I love this animal ugly sweaters. Well, since we're now on the half of the year I have now a idea for our Christmas party and since Christmas is fast approaching.right? How time flies so fast..So for this coming Christmas I would like to have a Ugly Christmas Sweaters party.Last Christmas the kids they have the pajama party,because the kids watching the movie Polar Express, so now for a change Ugly Sweaters party for everybody.I know it's gonna be a colorful and joyful holiday for us. As early as now I will buy one for my hubby,brother,and for my father because they have also for Mens Ugly Sweaters it's a good quality sweaters and with great colors too.You have lot's of chooses and take note with a affordable prices.I'm sure they gonna love it! Now I'm already imagining everybody will wear this ugly sweaters it's gonna be a wild..wild ugly sweater party.It looks like we're on the wild's cool! I will spread/share what I discover this morning at to my friends around the world..(wink)They have also gift certificate available. For your order you can email or call 619-618-2343! Hurry grab your ugly sweater for your family and friends... :D

Hot thursday!!

grrr..what a hot Thursday morning I'm sweating here right now even though the aircon is on and also the fan still..the temp is only 80 degress..Oh,'s really different here the dryness of the air. I just finish cooking breakfast for my son and later I will start my daily routine , the a non-stop household chores..Here comes Lorenz again he will ask me if he can play here on the computer. I will let him read his book first before he can play because they will go back to school this coming 31 of July. His in 2nd grade already it's kinda difficult for him especially his spelling.Anyways ,his still learning and adjusting..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


SUMMER..summer is fun time we go swimming and camping! The heat can swelter and melt...
We spend our summer at Florida with my mother in law. Lorenz and I we enjoy the heat of the sun playing at the beach. I remember my mother in law she order from and she give me this colorful oh-mint-bath-towel-wraps as my early birthday gift.. it was so soft and it's so nice on your skin it's made of a 100% cotton. Since I'm wearing my swimwear and I'm kinda shy to show my belly/body and since the towel wraps I've used is colorful I used that as my cover I feel comfortable of what I wrap on my body.(wink) For our wet swimwear and other stuff I bring this oh-mint-laundry-bagsit's easy to bring and this is good for traveling also.You won't feel shy or embrace to carry on because it look like a ordinary bag and it's has a nice color too. We have this oh-mint-nap-mats-rolls it was given to him by my mother in law too, because Lorenz he can't sleep without it especially we go camping he have it all the time. This is good for the kids, it has a soft fleece blanket attached and a removable foam pillow. And also it's so easy to clean, just remove the pillow,then toss the rest in the washing machine.(walla!) So, now you have ideas where to find a fun and uplifting gifts at this is were my mother in law shop online. They have lot's of products to choice back to school stuff , woman gift, men and for the babies also.

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shopping galore

Shopping is fun and exciting.But just like last weekend we're looking for a birthday gift for Eric's niece Cheyenne and for his brother Phil.We are not able to find a good one for them,we been go shopping and hopping ,hopping from this store to that store...I feel like I'm exhausted already.So we decided to go home.When i got home I'm surfing on the internet and I found this online store Clothing+for+Girls I'm so happy and glad they have this kind of online store it's so easy for us to select what we wanted to buy ,on this store you can find anything and everything on sale too. So now we decide to buy online for their gifts here at And for his brother we will buy automotive headlight because his fixing their car for his son Brandon.At they have much more accessories and car parts and tires too.This is a one click shop store with a good price, name it they have it..anything and everything. So since June is the traditional wedding month the they have also materials you need for a weddings isn't that a great deal?! Now I know where to find a perfect gift, school supply,heath & beauty and much,much more..this wouldn't give me a hard time cracking my head,so now I had already ideas.You'll likely find just the perfect something for everyone on your list. They made it ever easier to afford your favorite things at, shop confidently!

insects n d house

This morning our landlady Ms Betty come by to spray the whole house because we have problem with ants and some small insects inside and outside the house. I called Eric to let him know and it seems his busy eating their lunch with his co-worker at the Maxican restuarant.(winK)
I have to finish my work here because Lorenz he wants to play his online game. I have nothing much to share for this Wednesday morning..hope to see ya around!


I received this msg from my cousin in Korea. I'm kinda worried about this thing I don't want to encounter this kind of virus what ever is this!!! Because i don't have any back up for my picture that I already post on my friedster..Just like our xMas pics it was wipeout , but because I have that friedster

hello 2 all my friends,im sorry that i can't post a comment or response to those whos send me nice comment i got problem in my friendster page cos everytime i open my friendster profile its appeared user php not my url and if im going 2 friendster home its about blank!!theres somebody using our account!!!!who r u user php!!!!same as 2 all my friends that invited when we were going 2 post comment 2 our friends the "alligator userphp "appeared in my com instead our real url! so beware and always check everytime u click or post a comment just careful look 2 ur url or name tag somebody used ur account the currup is n the name ofCAREFUL 2 ALL MY FRIENDS BE CAREFULL everytime u click ur friendster page!the alligator is here!!!i feel lonely if im going 2 delete my account i invite many friends in different country why its happen 2 us were going 2 give up our friendster account or nothing if they dont take acction 2 our problem.thats why we stop give post a comment 2 our friends i am heartily SORRY 2 all my friends but most of all i love u all as i write this magic word i love u is such a simple thing 2 say or corney? as i speak these words i truly this way fom the bottom of my heart 2 me u are all my friend i want u 2 know what its means 2 me please remember I LOVE U 4 it shall never end.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Capital debt

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wonderful Tuesday morn'

What a wonderful Tuesday morning.. it's nice outside..The weather this morning like spring time. I chat with my friend and asking her also somethings..Yesterday I'm upset because I'm been waiting to have some opp, finally I grab some..that's a big help already.
This afternoon we will attending a pool party at Phil's house. Actually it's a triple bday celebration for them his wife and daughter. And maybe Eric and I we will talk to mom about when are we going to Floria again because she need some companion to go with her, because dad his has some business to take good care of. She's still not feeling will her voice is getting worst she need to stay there in florida for more days/months..get will soon mom :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun Park party

This morning we went to Albany at Fun Park for the MUDCATS party. Although their coach Derek planned this party late but still the excitement of the kids still there because it's been awhile they didn't see each other after the baseball season end. At the party they have pizza, cake ,party bags and the 2 free rides.Coach Derek he give trophies for the kids as a remembrance ..because next year some of the kids they will not play T- ball anymore like Cruz ,Davin and Lorenz . Today is really a good day for all of us, not only our kids having fun but also us the parents. They ride first the go Karts of course with parents . Our son Lorenz the first name comes out on his mouth "I want daddy go ride with me" ngee HELLO! I offer my self to go ride with him, but he don't want me.. obviously he don't trust me.. :P He knows I don't know how to drive yet! His coach Derek go drive for him as while as in the bumper boat because I don't have extra blouse so since Derek is already saok/wet I ask him to go again with Lorenz.. Ridding the go kart and the bumper boats it's so fun and enjoyable.

Friday, July 10, 2009

it was a good supper with my amigas

Kenia she come by at our house this morning with her kids and mother in law, because her two kiddo Cruz and Nathaniel wants to play with Lorenz. Kenia said she will clean the church with the kid and grandma. I decide to go with them since I don't have anything to do in the house because I will not cook food for our supper today, Eric will buy some food for our supper. I help her,that's labor of love because she said, her kids they suppose to help her with payment and since I offer my self they are save as while as Kenia's $$ :D what Nathaniel said " u save us again Marfe" he was so happy. I never thought she teach me how to drive, I feel nervous because it was my first time to hold that steering wheels and to step on..Little I know how already but I made a big damage at their flowers because I run over it!! hehehe sorry guy's..The kids they are having fun playing the water gun. I never though we will stay there for long. I called Eric to come and pick up us,they have visitors coming , it's here amiga Wilma and her husband with their granddaughter. Wilma she's from Honduras also, we met them already. Kenia she prepare chicken , salad , tortilla and bake potato. It was a good supper "TGIF" again! Eric notice last Friday we're there..hehehe(wink) Hopefully we can invite them this coming Friday. I have to figure out first what kind of food I have to prepare for them..maybe Filipino food like lumpia, pansit canton and the escabeche. Will see maybe Eric he will change his mind..hehehe

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Collision repair

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Lake Black share

I took this last Saturday 4th of July. This is at the Lake Black share, we went on that place because I'm so curious to watch their fireworks and of course how the Americans celebrate their Independence day. It's so crowded lot's of people waiting to witness the fireworks also..while waiting there are some go swimming , cook out and boating they really having fun.It was so fun, but after the fireworks everyone wants to go way on that place but it's not so easy that time it's so busy.. bumper to bumper already we can't get out on our way. We waited for 45 minutes to go out..we follow Eric's brother because they found out the secret way to go out on that was a long day for us :P

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

dinner at Kenia house

Finally I have the chance to visit my friend Kenia. We saw they started digging for their new house..I pick some blackberry on their yard it's my first time picking those berries I never thought it has a small sting on my finger! Lorenz his having fun playing with Kenia's kids.They go swimming at their bestway deluxe poll/inflatable swimming poll what ever is that..(?) :P because one of their teammate before Davin his there also he spending his night at kenia's house. Kenia she grilled some pork chops and corn (mmm yumm2x) and also she make some potato salad of course I help her..hehe :P it was a good dinner we ate outside on their backyard...with all the sound of the cricket and the moon that time it's so pretty.

Monday, July 6, 2009


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Mother Teresa Prediction 2009


Mother Teresa Prediction 2009

You were chosen to receive this novena.. The moment you receive it, say:

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name,Thy kingdom come, Thy
will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread and

forgive us our trespasses as we forgive hose who trespass against us and lead
us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

"Father, please protect and bless the person reading this message..."

GOD WANTED ME TO TELL YOU, It shall be well with you this coming year.

No matter how much your enemies try this year, they will not succeed. You
have been destined to make it and you shall surely achieve all your goals this
year For the remainder of 2009, all your agonies will be diverted
and victory and prosperity will be in coming in abundance. Today God has
confirmed the end of your sufferings, sorrows and pain because HE that sits on
the throne has remembered you.. He has taken away the hardships and given you
JOY. He will never let you down.

This is a Novena from Mother Theresa that started in 1952. It has never been broken.

Within 48 hours send 20copies (Or as many as you can - God does know if you don't
have 20 people to send it to. It's the effort and intent that counts.) to family and friends.
This is a powerful Novena.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


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Happy Independence Day America!

Happy Independence Day America!I don't know yet what Eric's plan for today. This is my first time here in US to witness how the Americans will celebrate their Independence Day too.As what my hubby told me their are some people/family they will celebrate their Independence Day by having a cook out party or going somewhere. They have fireworks at night around 9:30 P.M and that fireworks will take 30 minutes.Maybe when the time I see that fireworks I feel like it's already Christmas/New Year!(loL)Well, being a Filipino it's really different we have to know and discover some things , adopt their culture and the what ever...hehehe

Thursday, July 2, 2009


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hot sizzling summer

This morning I called my friend Kenia. What she's been up to? She said that this few days they starting building their house. We might go this afternoon in their place because Eric is here he take his day off because he said nobodies around in there office/building. Kenia said they have lot's of black berry around their house, maybe I will pick some for pancakes :) It's getting hot already even though I just finish taking shower..what a hot sizzling summer..!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's a long day..

Nothing much to do..I've been here on the computer since this morning but still I don't have any task at all~!while waiting I'm chatting with my cousin from California, checking my email, and make some penny from other website also "pamogas"! :) My hubby told me your not making much money on that's ok because $100 won't be a complete w/out a penny.right?! Now a days we have to value the penny/centavo..Yesterday I organize my list of website where I can earn more extra penny.. with all the Some of the website I just started, hopefully I earn some $$ (wink)