Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I don't have any idea what PDF means, when I read over it's a Portable Document Format. I'm a computer major but I was not updated what are the new programs in the computer now a days...I need to refresh and be updated of everything in the world of science(programing) and more...Honestly this word PDF library it's new to me..I'm glad that I encounter new today!
As what I have read he state an example of PDF: He said " some designers generate PDF documents from their page layout applications and send the PDF documents to customers so that they can view and proof the design without having the same software and fonts installed." I was sound simple and easy work..

PDF Library.. As what I have understand this is more flexible and complete.Easy and powerful more functions and it will support to other functions.


Here in our town Preston , the senor citizen they're having their BINGO on Friday. One time my mother in law invited me to call the number, it was so funny that their are some old ladies, because it's not their lucky day they're pissed off! They will never win the game at all!!!

Each one of them will bring food to be share to everybody and they will eat together, it was nice to see them, enjoying their day playing & talking.
Last week I ask my mother in law, do you think they will come to play BINGO this coming Friday, because the weather is not good you'll..I suggested how about you will play at this site they have a bingo sites and you'll will stay home and you don't need to go out and you'll be keep in warm too!
With this kind of weather, especially like you'll have to stay warm inside you'll home..so that you will not get sick! Anyways, you still enjoy playing BINGO, you can invite your grandson, in-laws, the whole family & even you friends you can still play with them in your house.

keep warm people!

photo memories

Good day everyone!
Time flies so fast! Sunday, the Cebuano's celebrating the fest of the Sr. Sto Nino. As what my mom said there are lots of people, it's so crowded in the pilgrim. More & more people like foreigners or people from other places coming, just see or to witness how the Cebuano celebrate his Feast! Mom said it was so wonderful to see more people and the decoration on the pilgrim it was so nice..

This morning I'm trying to check in my FB, if my friends from Cebu if they're posting some picture from the Sinulog in their photo albums. Eventhough I missed the Sinulog or the feast of Senyor Sto Nino, by looking at my friends photos it seems I was there also in the Feast..=)

It is nice that you have a photo album, because you can keep your memories and the past. But now a days there so many ways where you can create your album thru online or you still want the old ways...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Happy New Year..everyone!

I'm so happy & thankful that finally I got my regular drivers license, today! What a wonderful feelings,to start my year with a great things..Thank you Lord & to my friends Rowena for teaching me..I was a good student though =)

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