Friday, June 15, 2007

Tigger and Lorenz

He really likes tigger. He feels bored , he's lying on the bed and he's playing with tigger. Lorenz said "mama let's play with tigger we will do wrestling". Wow , what a fight! We are always doing this when he feels sleepy cause he don't want to sleep yet. After plying with tiger he will do anything as long as he can't fall asleep. Usually he sleeps around 8:30 PM. And before he will go to bed he make sure he brush his teeth and take a shower to feel fresh.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

B-day Party

Lorenz 5th birthday! I prepared that party for only one day. Because I'm so busy with my work that day we are having our general cleaning I ask our sister in-charge I will go ahead cause it's my son's birthday.I aired 50 pcs. of balloons and I buy party popper. He invented his friends. Usually I bake a cake for his b-day. But, because I don't have enough time. For the first time I buy a birthday cake. I'm in a hurry already cause the party will start at 3:00 PM. That time I'm thinking I have to buy a candle for the cake. So I need to go rush to the grocery. When I get the cake I'm surprise they have a free birthday candle. shame on me...!anyways that's my funnies and embarrassing experience. ;) It's a successful simple birthday party!