Friday, October 22, 2010

bulk form..BULLION

Focus on a lifelong investment: The survey says that largely people say they are planning to stick with these frugal changes regardless of future economic conditions..! But if your smart enough make your own strategy in life that will make you out of the recession in this economy. Let say , if you have money why not to invest that money and start buying bullion as your collections, as what they had said gold has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve one's wealth. A metal is deemed to be precious and it's rare!! In this case you and your family will be secure, because in this type of business gold is real, honest money...and many say, the best form of money the wold has ever know.!

So what are you waiting for , you can buy and sell Gold in any county at any time. Go for GOLD!!!

jump in !

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfYesterday I drove to Americus and it was my first time to drove all the way to the city.Ate Melda she with us because she need some groceries. Since Eric around he let me drive and  I feel nervous cause unlike here in our town it's not that busy/no lots of vehicles, that I don't need to freak out.  I'm so quite focusing my driving, still I can't control my foot for my gas..I mean I'm not consistent/stay the limit..let say 55mph..I speed up more or less than the speed limit  > :O   But in fairness I made it & I enjoyed =P

So much with my driving experience. When we got home I feel weird I got headache, maybe because of the weather ,I take cold/flu relief. I notice Lorenz hair I grab my clipper..trim his hair. He look like an Igorot already with his wavy & thick hair  =D

stay fit & healthy

Wind begins this chilly season's. When I woke early in the morning I already feel the winters chill that touches on my skin. This season we need to keep on eye to our kids, let them bring jacket or raincoat to keep them warm or dry. Our son Lorenz I let him bring hat and jacket to the school and he  take his daily vitamins. Because with this kind of weather there's a possible your kids will get colds and cough or flu .
To prevent these common illness: wash your hands often , keep your household clean and of course maintain lifestyle..with adequate sleep, good nutrition and physical exercise can help ensure that your immune system is in good condition and ready to fight infection if it occurs.

WATER therapy: water is good for you. Try to drink at least 8 cups of water each day.Stay fit and healthy.


buy gold

Golden, orange and yellow leaves glimmer in the setting sun! The signs that fall season once again..I can hear that soft rusting as they fall from the trees soaring and gliding as they are blown through the breeze masses of leaves form into one.

How the economy is doing today? This is most people asking there any improvement or any signs that we can make it! The economy is affecting many things in people's daily lives.The businesses are being just like everything else.However we can turn this into a positive if we do it correctly.Because our natural life is just like the four seasons. This season is the perfect to invest your money ,because most investor generally buy gold as a hedge. Making money buying and selling products at the retail level is an excellent way to make your business profitable. These is the clever way to roll your money...these are some things that people will continue to purchase on an ongoing basis regardless of how the economy is doing.
Whatever gonna happen to the economy, other markets may fluctuate immensely, but the price of gold always ensures a stable investment.

Buzzed in & out

Baby Zack! At Mark's melon Patch. He was so adorable. We're having fun taking picture and playing. After there we went to Albany, "buy some grocery". Before we will go to Chill's to drink Margarita! It was my first time to drink Margarita and half of the glass I feel lil buzzed already, I give the other half to Mary. Because I feel lil weird , I got chest pain and I'm afraid I will have  a heart attack ! Maybe that time my blood pressure rise so high! No regret, at least I tried...=)) We called our husband to pick us up there at Chill's because Mary she don't want to drive back home because she's afraid..

badly needed=(

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abf It was a bad day for me today ,because I'm done with my seasonal job for this was so quick! I only work for a month and two weeks. Eric he was surprised when I told him that I'm done with my seasonal job!! For we though it will last 'til Thanks Giving and guess it was NOT.
Badly needed $$$ now a days for my car payments. Oh, well! that's life we have to expect the an expected..  Hopefully...soon..Now since I have my own car I need to practice my driving, parallel parking and much more.  If I have  confident to drive maybe that time  I can take for my driver license.=P

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Accutane lawsuit

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