Thursday, February 17, 2011

be comfy

Looking for a good quality and adorable price, furniture ? The Scenic Furniture they have differences in quality furniture for your home, cabin , lake house, or ever for furnishing large hotels. So check it out their great styles and fantastic prices! Whether you are shopping for a comfy new living room or the bedroom of your dreams.

The only thing leather furniture we have is the office chair for Lorenz at his study table. I like that leather chair because it so comfy more cushion. I chose that for him , so that he will be comfortable while his doing his assignments.


cheers everyone! We all know that wine is an alcoholic beverage, made of fermented fruit juice, usually from grapes.
Wednesday morning it was my cousin Iris oat taking for being a US citizen. She made it & proud to be a US citizen! Her hubby Mr. Jack as his gift to my cousin Iris he rented a limousine a luxurious vehicle and he ordered more wines, for us to bring at the party!

We're having fun that day. And the wine that was the best taste ever! Mr. Jack know how to find a great wines. You can find the best deals on wine to buy when you buy wine online.if your looking for a good quality wines. Virgin add it to your list!

Send a basket of wine to your friends and family♥

Thursday, February 10, 2011


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Good morning everyone!

Nothing much to do this morning I directly check my email , FB and blog. Update about my request they still not accepting yet ! Maybe he sense it?! =) I just wondering what he feel when he saw my son's  pic  is there what they called " lukso ng dugo"?! is that real? hmmm??

My dear blogger tell me what's gonna be ur comments: it's kinda small but it's clear enough that u can identify.

being nosy!

This few days I'm being nosy,I used my son FB acct then I tried to search the name of his "father", and there I found it plus the wife! One thing I notice their common is their nose & forehead! Because I also found the brother when I saw his pic that make me

Now just being so nosy and curious I made up a new FB acct,of course I'm not using my real Just to try to see his half "sister or brother" & cousins, because we never now they will meet somewhere along..God forbid they will fall in love!right?
I don't know every time I saw their pics, everything will flash back on me, maybe because I still have this scar in my heart. Anyways, I will give updated if they will accept my friend request for them.

This what I put on my ABOUT YOU as my basic info.

I love you mom with all my heart,
so please don't leave my side
don't turn into daddy,
because my father lied

But no one knows how hard it is
For your own father not to love you
As much as he loves his other kids
But I hold my head high
To keep things from looking so bad
But deep down I still wish
I had love from my dad

Monday, February 7, 2011

hardwood flooring

What a cold night!It's been raining this few days. Good Mr. Bill the plumbing man he fixed our floor last week. We've been complaining to our landlady, finally she called Mr. Bill to fixed it. We rent this house and it's already old, so there are some parts of the house need to be fix..specially our bath room the floor it's so bad , in our bed room & Lorenz bath room. So the coldness outside it will go inside the house..our electric bill is so high last month!

Since this house is so old they change the flooring into a Laminate hardwood flooring, and now it's so nice inside the house, it looks amazing what a floor can do...Mr. Bill chose chose that fits us, because Eric & me we love woods, maybe because he notice that most of our furniture are made of woods!