Sunday, November 21, 2010

go bullion!

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfMy friend Emily she just come back from overseas, she work as a nurse at Canada. She asking me if I know what's a good business that is worth it to be investing. And told her  investing in gold this is the most popular as an investment now a days.This is the real, honest money...and, many say, the best form of money the world has ever know!. And of course buy gold bullion, has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve one's wealth and purchasing power. Gold is considered a safe haven investment because the returns are usually high and not likely to deplete in value.

And let says this is the best way you can help and in the same time you can protect your assets too! Investing in  Gold is a good way to achieve security during uncertain time!

turkey day!♨

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfPreparing for tomorrow Thanks Giving. For a change my in laws they will celebrate their Thanks Giving together with us in our house. This is my first time to prepare food and everything for them. I started cleaning the house yesterday but we don't have any decoration..because my mother in law she have some decoration every occasion like the table cloth and some figurines..maybe later we will buy some decoration we that we feel the spirit of the Turkey Day!! ☻ 
My brother in law and his family they will celebrate their Thanks Giving at his in law also...Oh, well! things will be change sometime! Hopefully they will like the food and the taste.☻ Later I will make my the dessert that I saw from the food network I will try my luck to make so simple and easy! 

cleanliness next to godliness ۩✌

It was not a great day for me yesterday the three boys makes me pissed off they been jumping and keep  slamming the door. I'm so tired cleaning the house for the preparation for the Thanks Giving. I let them play outside. Ton and Shaun they always auguring and fighting  each other I shout at them " will you stop" I'm so irritated plus I have my monthly period and cramps! I called their mom and ask her what time they will pick up their sons. Eric called me I told him that I'm not in the mode today the kids make my day! He just laugh at me..I told Lorenz they can't spending their night here anymore cause they wont listen to me. Lorenz  room is all mess, Shaun been rolling and lying down at the dry leaves outside and he came inside and he lying down at Lorenz bed..grrrrrrrrrrr make me mad..Last night Lorenz complaining he feel itchy! I let him change his bed coves and let him take shower. As what Eric said don't start  at me Shaun house OMG the smell of the dog and trash...I don't know these kids don't know who to help and clean their house or own room. I know I'm so hard to Lorenz in terms of  because I told him that will affect you personality!!!! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

collection of bullion

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfHow the economy is doing today? This is most people asking there any improvement or any signs that we can make it! The economy is affecting many things in people's daily lives.The businesses are being just like everything else.However we can turn this into a positive if we do it correctly.Because our natural life is just like the four seasons. This season is the perfect to invest your money ,because most investor generally bullion as a hedge. Making money buying and selling products at the retail level is an excellent way to make your business profitable. These is the clever way to roll your money...these are some things that people will continue to purchase on an ongoing basis regardless of how the economy is doing.
Whatever gonna happen to the economy, other markets may fluctuate immensely, but the price of gold always ensures a stable investment.

stone of Gold

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfFocus on a lifelong investment: The survey says that largely people say they are planning to stick with these frugal changes regardless of future economic conditions..! But if your smart enough make your own strategy in life that will make you out of the recession in this economy. Let say , if you have money why not to invest that money and start buying  buy gold bullion as your collections, as what they had said gold has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve one's wealth. In this case you and your family will be secure, because in this type of business gold is real, honest money...and many say, the best form of money the wold has ever know.!

So what are you waiting for , you can buy and sell Gold in any county at any time. Go for GOLD!!!

hunting squirrels

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfLorenz  and his friends  hunting the squirrels at our backyard their using Shaun BB gun. They're having fun chasing the little creature.. squirrels run as fast they can..The kids get tired chasing the squirrels they play another game..they found a empty gallon and the deal is they have to shoot 5 times each of them and if they will miss more than one they will be punish and the penalty is do 10 jumping jack!! I'm having fun watching the kids...Lorenz his a  good shooter,Shaun he can unlike Ton as what he said his " horrible"   in terms of this..his smart in different ways..

Grand Canyon

Georgia's Little Grand Canyon
One of the most remarkable natural wonders and historic sites in Georgia can be found on Highway 39C just outside the small  community of Lumpink.
It was my first time to see a real canyon! These two old ladies they're painting the grand canyon and their are  some people  do hiking down to the canyon and some family picnic.. it was a nice place it's so natural it so amazing very pretty!
 It was a remarkable views of the canyon can be seen...from the picnic area and overlooks located along its northern rim. The overlooks and views from the fence in the picnic area, in fact, provide the most spectacular views of the canyon and photography opportunities galore and also it is educational to the kids..



The school they have a Halloween presentation and the kids they are wearing different kinds of costumes. They have hay rides , fire truck rides, bond fire and many more. That's Cheyenne and Austin they won the Halloween costume!
Lorenz he don't care to wear any costumes his kinda shy to wear it or he feel kinda weird..Eric his not around he went to Alabama( Talladega)  for the car race, his been doing that every 2 time a year for extra money..For I thought their are some kids in our town doing trick or treating but it seem not at all..maybe because we been surrounded with old

Cottonmouth team!


Cottonmouth game: It was our first time to watch live hockey game. At first it was fun but I never though that they have to fight in the middle of the game. In my opinion it was not nice to watch especially for the kids that kind of rules or concept of the game. I don't know why they have such kind of rules! Anyways, Lorenz and Eric they really enjoy it, the Cottonmouth is leading..Eric nephew and niece it also there.

Monday, November 15, 2010

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Friday, November 5, 2010

express ur gratitude

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfGood morning everyone!
This few days our son Lorenz his always got in trouble in the school. Everyday  he bring note from their teacher.  I get mad and Eric he had a talk to Lorenz , "he need to focus" . Me and Eric we decided to see the teacher , asked her what's going on why he always got a note from her...she said, Lorenz he keep turning his head and she move him or he can't join some activity they had! The teacher she let Lorenz talk in-front of us..The teacher advice him that we're here to help you  and you have to focus or pay attention in the class ,don't mind your classmate. And one thing the teacher concerned about Lorenz, his writing/english..he don't know how to put or compose a sentence. The teacher she have some materials that can help Lorenz to practice his english/ to compose a sentence...
Monday, Lorenz he bring the material it's called take-home pack. It's a hands-on materials and activities that will enhance student reading.
Today, we send a   thank you cards to the teacher to show  how much we  appreciate her help for our son ♥Thank-you is exclusively about thanking somebody for their kindness☻

Thursday, November 4, 2010

bedroll Zzzz

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfThis morning I saw pretty leaves green, orange, yellow and brown. And it's so funny here comes one colored red, it landed on my head. Few days ago I walked along the edge of the lake and was treated to the crunch and rustle of leaves with each step I made. The acoustics of this season are different and all sounds, no matter how hushed , are as crisp as autumn air..i ♥ it!!

Anyways, are you looking for a new furniture for this fall season? At Scenic furniture you can choose wide variety of rustic log furniture and they carry many different craftsmen using many different furniture making techniques and materials.

My hubby and I we love wood, actually we are looking one    rustic bedroom furniture for our guest room. Woods show natural beauty giving you a rustic feel with wood grains that show age and strength in their beauty. Right now I'm excited , I'm sure our bedroom will look great, can't wait!!! ☻