Sunday, May 30, 2010

business card

Yesterday right after Lorenz's game we went to my in laws place. My father in law his try to search a good design for his business card for their aircraft business. He like that is simple and formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid, easy for his customers to remember! A high quality and professional business card have more aspects of striking visual design.

As what I told him now a days there are lots of company doing or accepting orders online just search at the internet and also you can select what kind and what design and colors you wanted for your business cards will be look like!

But the only thing worse than a boring, cheap looking business cards on flimsy cardboard stock is having no business card at all. But some people choose those options rather than pay a graphic designer big bucks to prepare an original business cards design..

Be professional =)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hire an expert

This few days we been looking for a house. We found several houses, but we have to figure out how much budget we can. As what Eric's daddy said you are interested try to hire or ask to those people who are expert in doing things like this...have someone else do the work for you, because with all those documents or paper works you might can't do it because you are lack of knowledge about it!!! There are so many law group of company out there, but this American Residential Law Group they are the best and the smarties one because they can solve or help you to determine if there are violations..they are the people with dedication with their work and the care of their costumers.You have options to save your home, and a loan modification attorney is the only person who can legally represent for you!

Just put on your mind in time like this The American Residential Law Group is a good place to start!

Friday, May 21, 2010


The stock market now a day goes up & down! In time of financial crisis, or during other insecure times , we must be ready and alert. Make it sure your family will be secured in all crisis..As what our friends said the best thing you can save your family with that situation be smart.Investing and buy gold bullion is the best way you can help and in the same time you can protect your assets too! Gold is a good way to achieve security during uncertain times.
That's why some people invest in gold for many different reasons.One of the most common reasons to invest is to take advantage of gold prices that might increase. the price of gold is known to go up more often than down, so investing in gold is a relatively safe way to try and make a financial profit.

...go for GOLD!


Big fish and small fish,Swimming here in this pond..Fast fish and slow fish.And now one is gone!

Lorenz, interested going fishing for the first time. Mr & Mrs. Kenny Wills and their kids they invested us to go fishing with them. The pond owned by his uncle..
it was a man made fishing pond. We're empty handed, meaning we don't have fishing pole and all the gear to go with..! But the kids they let Lorenz barrow some of their fishing pole. It was my first time also to go fishing, it was fun!
Mr. Kenny he teach Lorenz how to hold or the proper way to used the fishing pole. It was a successful one, because being a first timer Lorenz he caught 2 fish in a row. I was so glad, in a simple way we make Lorenz happy and he really enjoyed it! Eric & Me with didn't catch any fish. We stay there 'til 8:30 P.M. We bring some food and drinks.

caution >>

Feel nervous:} I started driving since last Saturday from Parrot to HW 41 at Austin house. Actually it was my 3rd time behind the wheels (driving) but still I feel nervous! Anyways, I make an agreement with Eric if he will let me drive way to Austin house he don't need to yell at me 'coz that makes me freak out.

I drove at the back road because there's no traffic and I don't need to deal lot's of vehicle~( because I still learning the road at the county is not that meaning I can't control my hands and I always going to the other line~~~stepping:D
As what Eric said I'm too excited to make move that steering wheels..just make a little adjust and stay on your line or side.
It's not easy for me because I have this feeling, but hopefully I can make it, although it takes a long time for me to learn...I know one day I will face my fear!