Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Funny Pictures

Isn't that cute ? That was Eric when he was a kid. He won as the cuties baby.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

dog lovers

Our son Lorenz he love animals. At my in laws house they have cat, rabbit and dog. Every time we come to visit Eric's parents, Lorenz his so excited to play or see their pets especially the dog, Max! His a good dog his 11 year old. He play with him catching ball.It's so funny when Eric say's "theirs a quarrel" the dog(Max), he go crazy looking where's squirrel! he out of control, because he don't like

My mother in law, she trained Max when he was a puppy.For them having a pet is one of the great joys of life. It can be very refreshing to interact with another species beside a human being.Especially having a dog they treat this like their kids.So,Lorenz asking to his daddy a Italian greyhound for his coming up birthday. He thinks that having a Italian greyhound it's seems he found a new playmates.

Grandma and grandpa told Lorenz you have to be responsible if you have a dog or pet.It's nice to have a dog or pet, because they have a unique ability to comfort us without saying a word.Somehow just being able to cuddle with them and look into their eyes is enough to make us feel better after a hard day.

Fall n LOVE

Come February and romance is in the air. Hubby and I this is our second year celebrating the Valentines day as husband and wife.As Valentine's Day gets closer, everyone's looking for unique and creative gifts to impress their beloveds.In the store or malls chocolate hearts, roses and greeting cards are everywhere. But it's not always easy;especially if you hate shopping in a crowd people.

Anyways, with hundreds of trusted online shopping sites to choose from, the experience is much more enjoyable. Online or offline, when it comes to choosing gifts,many don't think beyond flowers, stuffed animals or chocolates in heart shapes boxes. I'm so glad that I have a Telefora coupon ; I'm so grateful I have have this telefora coupon.Because with the prevailing economic uncertainly , we have to be wise in spending our money. Nonetheless, there are great discounts and good deals price being offered by retailers, so that our Valentines Day doesn't turn out to be too heavy on your pocket.So try to make the most of these deals to get that special offer or gifts for your love once. Do remember that it's not the cost of the gift for him/her, but the thought of the gift that counts!

Monday, January 25, 2010

potty putter

Good morning people!It's Monday morning I feel sleepy and lazy it's so cold. Oh, well I have to get up to start my day! Hope today goes smooth for Eric without any Hurdles in his Because last night he mention it's gonna be a bit-- week. Start of the new week, work-load..just smile.. Have a good day babe!
Being home alone it's kinda boring. But I have to keep myself busy doing the household chores. Then checking my mails and more.
For my breakfast I ate banana muffin and orange for more fiber because I have this problem that I'm not regular so I need more fiber intake as much as possible it will help to keep the my digestive system healthy...After I ate I use the bath room and what I hate is I don't have patience to wait, when???grrr Unlike my hubby, while waiting he read some magazine or talking on the phone.It seems he enjoy setting down there! When I found this potty putter it's so funny, oh yeah..why not! And I'm thinking this can help me also.Because how many time I will spend on the toilet.So rather than spending that valuable time daydreaming inside the bathroom/rest room how awesome it would be putting game.
How clever is the man who think of this kind of idea! Thank you for helping alot for people like me who don't have enough


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nevada agent

This is an exciting time of the year for 2010 Business! I talked to my friend the other day she mention she wanting to start her own business. It's a BBQ/bar. But the problem she don't have enough capital. And she ask me to be her business partner.Sad to say I don't have a job yet!
Anyways, this morning my sister called me she so excited to tell me about this Nevada resident agent
who will help us to start our own business.It's gonna be a dream come true not only me but to those people who are wanting to start their own business too. With them your in good hands and with excellent support from them.Take note everyone is qualified to apply from them, because you don't need a U.S. address to set up a Nevada corporation and there is no requirement to be a U.S. citizen or resident to start with them as long as you're responsible.
I called my friend to discuss for our up coming business. She already had spotted a good location and she have already an idea how the store looks like! Hopefully we will be able to make all that we've time.Because I never know she bought some things for the store.Needless to say, we are starting to make it work soon, we will show you soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Good morning sunshine!What a good Tuesday. Yesterday we went to Americus to get some groceries. My friend called she invite us to have dinner at their house, actually it's their new house.It was a nice house made of bricks. As what my friend said they are searching for a good quality and affordable fence for their yard.I'm so glad to recommend her the San Diego Fence Company. I told her you can choose or pick what kind of fence you wanted to put up on your yard. Because they have all types of wood, chain-link, iron and vinyl fencing.A good material that will last long..They have the best product that you can get and of course with a good price.She said if she didn't invite us she don't know where to find a good quality fence.So, now you will find ideas and tips where to buy. They have different kinds of fence design. Give your family , kids, and of course your pets the protection they deserve with in a safe environment. You have privacy!

Now their people start putting the fence...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


A Blessed Sunday!Today, I think we will not go somewhere,it's seems it will rain again..yesterday it rain all day long!So,since Eric he have some movie been downloaded we decided to watch, "Saw IV"..Kinda violet movie it's not nice for the kids to watch.
So much for that.What I'm concerned is this what I have read about Property Manager in Cincinnati. If your all looking for a good location to buy for your own property they can show you everything on this site! Using the it's so easy with photos, map driving direction and more just for you to locate wherever you wanted to go.But then again the solution is to not let the circumstances get out of your hands.If you decide to have a Property in Cincinnati you are prepared to give them...

Saturday, January 16, 2010 is in the air

Thank you guy's for helping me to solve my problem.Finally I made it to update my disclosure policy and this time I can grab more and more opp..(happy)
Anyways, yesterday I'm with my mother in law.It was a great Friday for us because the weather is so nice especially for her,cold makes her sick! Every time she invite me I'm so happy and glad that she enjoy our companionship. Because It's so rare for some in laws that they have some bonding
So mom she have some errands to make and she wants me to go with her also because most of the time I'm alone in the house staring the walls"cold blues". She bought a new microwave oven because they redoing their kitchen.After we went to Wal-Mart and buy some grocery.At the store they have lot's of Valentine's Day Gifts already and we though to buy a valentine's cards or a special gifts for our you can feel the romance in they air already! Different kinds of stuffs, colorful flowers, pink and red hearts.So for this coming Valentine's Day send or show your love to your love once but not only to your family but to the whole world!I'm sure these gonna touch the heart of your sweetheart,family,friends and to those people who experience tragedies. On Valentines Day show love and express that you care for is too short!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfI just arrive from shopping with my mother in law. 63 degrees outside.. it feels good!
Mom she needs to run some errands, she invited me to go with her. I'm so glad because this few days I'm craving something salty "corn chips" and soda because me and Eric we decided as possible we will not buy or stock some junk foods in the house. I don't know it's kinda weird "og hapit na ang akong period I feel this way"..craving for something!!! It's like a pregnant
Anyways, I would like to say thank you to my new Cebuana friend for helping me about my problem. xncai but still I can't figure out og unsa.on nko pg put sa akong disclosure URL!!! ay,ambottt ng sakit ang akong dughan ky daghan kaau ko og opp d2 krn but I can't make it to reserve! I tried still makes me confuse..Now I'm not in the mood to do it anymore.
So to make me relax I ask my hubby to go somewhere..we went to pizza hut and we visit his brother.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

pissed off

Pissed off! Because of this note:You cannot reserve this opportunity for the following reasons:
- You may not reserve an opp until you specify a disclosure URL for one of your blogs.
Please update your blogs.

For I thought it's gonna be a great morning for me today. But it's not, when I read that note I feel upset! Because I'm been waiting for this opp...:( If anybody who can help me and willing to explain , I'm really appreciate.

Anyways, I would like to thanks for my dear friend for helping me yesterday, finally I have my own domain and now I'm working on it! xiexie Ta'z :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buhay America

This morning I check Lorenz head it's looking good , unlike last night. Anyways, but still I will pursue my plan to call the school. So I talk to the head of the after school program , she didn't know about the accident and she ask the teacher who is in charge..she ask sorry about what happened in fact the teacher she had the accident report yesterday, but she was not able to informed their head..So she promise it will not happen again! Hopefully!!!

Because all I know the teacher is the second parents it's their responsibility to take good care of the kids in the school. I know it's so different here in the states the culture ,tradition ,environment and everything from where we came from...Because we make it sure our kid(s) is will discipline, God fearing and with all the respect to their elderly.

Hay, buhay America!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Knot on his head!!!

Lorenz arrived from his school he has a knot on his head!!! I ask him what happened, he said they are playing football and one of the kid push him. But before they started to play , their teacher told them don't tackle! What makes me angry nobody bother to call us to informed...And I told Eric this is not right anymore , he been bully with some kids at school we didn't do anything or say and this time I will not keep our silence with this kind of scenario..I will call the school tomorrow morning to ask , if they are aware of what happened with Lorenz !

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ezy Roller

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful new year.Years come in go! New is the year,new are the hopes and the aspirations, new is the resolution, new are the spirits and forever warm for everyone of us.

During the Holiday season I had a good time go shopping with my mother in law.Especially shopping at the mall where people gather,shopping then go crazy. Busy crowds, but it's enjoyable.Makes me confuse because with all the sale or clearance here and there!Because now a days we have to spend wisely also.:D

Our son Lorenz firming up his Christmas list. He have 10 items on his list and one of these is the Ezy Roller. He enjoy playing the ezy roller with his cousins it's so easy for them to play because they don't need to pedal.For my sister I give her a personalized pillowcases.Not only my sister Riza had a pillow also Eric,Lorenz and Me we all have new year pillows also..hehe Baby Zach we give him a
nap mat so that wherever they will go he still feel confident and he can sleep well!

Happy New Year!