Friday, December 17, 2010

short break

The cool breeze of December..Eight more days to come before Christmas Day! Busy shopper rushing buying presents for their family & friends.The spirit of Christmas is in the air...all over town you can hear the Christmas songs & children's carols.

Today is the last day for the Webster County. The students they are so excited because they have a short break
for their Holiday break! Our son Lorenz his so excited to spend the night to his friends house,and he can't wait to open his presents too!

Good we're not panic buying for this year, because we plan thing I don't know what to buy yet is for my hubby's birthday & Christmas gift. The only thing I pray for him or for us is good health and God will always protect us from danger, that's the only best I can think of...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My crazy Black Friday experience...
The holiday went pretty well. Good food and with great family.

Life was great..and then I saw that ad on TV.You know the one marketing the photocopiers for under $ 29 -$49. That photocopiers changed how I looked at Black Friday shopping. Up 'til Friday morning, I had no clue of just how ruthless some people could be. I also had no clue of just
clue of just how screwy people could be.

Is it worth braving the cold and the crowds? yeah, because I got the item that I really wanted to get. It was weird and fun experience for me. I bought toys for our son Lorenz for his x-mas gift and some other things for the house. But the people they go crazy to grab the appliance, imagine some store they really mark down the price to 50%- 70%...who will not attract the kind of prices!

Holiday park

Happy Wednesday everyone!
This morning here in GA the weather 32° F Partly Cloudy. Keep it warm guys...

As we think about vacation technically your taking a day off from work or be out of those grumpy're having nothing to do and all day to do it in .

We're so excited because my cousin invited us to go with them for their holiday vacation at Hoseasons caravan camping sites. This is gonna be a memorable and enjoyable for us because this is our fist time to go there! My cousin she give us some idea how beautiful is the place. This is a family friendly park they have a high standard of accommodation and superb leisure amenities and with a indoor heated pool with slides, children, spa pool, sauna, gym and steam room. I can't wait to go there!! This gonna be a wonderful experiencing and a great relaxation for all us. And I'm sure the kids will gonna love this at the Boomers Fun House, they have entertainments team who will hosted the program for the kids.

Just in time for the holiday, hoseasons camping sites is the place to go..