Saturday, February 28, 2009


Gosh it rain so hard! I ask Eric can you still see the road?Somewhere in Albany it's not raining but the wind blowing. The weather for tomorrow Sunday rain and likely in the morning and take note then SNOW likely in the afternoon...hopefully just once..hehe!

Today it's Justin Andrew baptism at St.Teresa Catholic Church in Albany. Welcome to the world of Christian "Happy Christening".
And it was our first time to go the Catholic Church since we arrived here in GA. It was so solem I pray there before the ceremony started.
I met some Filipinos. I met Lilet she's from Cebu also we speak our dialect "Cebuano". She introduce my son Lorenz to her son but it seem at first they are shy. But at the end they became friends..Her son speak English he don't know how to speak our dialect anymore..well, that's what it is...I enjoy eating the Filipino food. I ate rice, Chapsoy,chicken/pork adobo, lumpia and embotido. My husband Eric he ate lumpia and embotido. For my dessert I ate leache flan , maja and the mocha cake. Oh may! as what my husband said are you feel like home?yup2x ;) Lilet she ask my phone # I give her our house #. After we went to the Publix we grab some grocery.

Just give me a ring girl. Keep n touch!

Friday, February 27, 2009


104 in spelling test. Great job! way to go Lorenz.Eric and I we are so happy he got the perfect score in their exam this morning. So for the good job Eric will treat us later. But before that we will go to see Brandon and Austin they are practicing baseball at their school field. Lorenz he bring all he got like gloves,base ball, helmet and baseball bat. In the field Lorenz he don't know how to play baseball yet. Brandon teach him and daddy Eric is the one who will dictate Lorenz what to do next. It was so funny Lorenz turn to hit the ball when he hit it, he run through base he bring the bat with him. He really don't know how to play baseball yet. We been laughing with him. If I bring the camera I will get a video that was so funny...that could be a entry for AFV(Americas Funnies Video) ;) After they practice we go home, Eric he take shower. We wnet to Americus at Krystal. It is an American food restaurant chain known for small, square hamburgers and more. That my first time to eat there. Taste good!

thanks babe for a change... yeah right!! ;D

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Go Adventure

I experience fishing when I was in Taiwan with my friends we caught "tilapia" I enjoy a lot. And it was funny we're not using any equipment that time, we are using our hands to catch the fish.hehe That was a nice experience that I have there.While I'm reading this site the Everglades Fishing I find so interesting.Yes why not to try to go there this spring or summer time. We're just a 3 and half hour far because I'm leaving in GA, they are located in Kevin Kelly,Ft. Lauderdale, FLIt. We don't have to worry because they have expert and friendly who will guide us the man from Everglades fishing!Go adventure so that we can experience and see the natural beauty of the world that God was created for us! Like here in Everglades Fishing National Park, FL. Perfect for family outing..they have unique ecosystems in the world.It's also educational for our kids.

Plan your vacation this coming summer time! Go fishing

Check it out their Phone , Mobile and you can email them at
Talk to the captain now!

Get well babe

What a morning I never expect that I have opp...muahhhh thanks! Eric his still not feeling well yesterday we went the Health Center he was not able to see their family doctor because it's Wednesday he has a schedule in the hospital. This morning we might to go to see his doctor. Hopefully they will give him a medicine. We don't know why, what's the cause of his swelling. Now
on his right side of his face he feel hot and red spots!

0:( Get well soon babe


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's season for baseball league already. My son Lorenz we register him at their school for this up coming baseball.Good that I find this store for sports. My hubby Eric he would like to buy shoes, baseball bat, pants, and gloves for our son. Sincewiki/Baseball+and+Softball
they have all sports wear and equipment that we're looking for. It's nice a one stop shopping for sports.The Shop wiki they also have for kids and for adults. And wiki/Football they have complete sets.Plus they have a good price also. For those love to play soccer at wiki/Soccer they have lot's of item to be choose.Before my husband his a softball player. I think all American they love to play specially spring time or summer time because they will enjoy playing outdoor game.Enjoy playing under the hit of the sun that's what's kids like too.But the most popular for this season is the baseball. It's my son first time to play that kind of game here in the states. when the time he know that he will be playing this year he so excited to play, everyday he always asking me to play outside in our house. He little bit know how to hit the ball but he have to learn more not only baseball but also some other sports games.The proper and the rules and regulation being a player too. You know how to defense and in sports you have always team work!That's what my husband said to Lorenz it's only a game win or lose you have know to accept also. Just enjoy playing in the field..Team work is important because in the field that how you can communicate your teammates. Oh! also I'm so glad that in shop wiki they have a great brand of items.From head to toe :) They have their sports recreation and take note everything is site wide at 20% off!It's nice that theirs shop wiki helping people who are looking that kind of stuff for sports. So that they will not tired roaming around in the city just to find out where to buy.Easy to access just contact them Shop wiki they can reach at this number 212-741-8291 or you want to email them if you have some questions they are ready to serve you.

enjoy son

Lorenz his home already. He want to play here on the computer his favorite online game nickjr. Maybe I will let him just a few minutes. Later on I will preparing food for our supper. Hopefully Eric will like it..;) I think his tried of eating chicken & chicken!!! He will be here in a few hours. So Lorenz will take over here on the computer..enjoy son!

one thing...?!

Oatmeal for my breakfast. I called Eric at work just checking if his feeling OK . He sound his still not! Later my son will arrive it's their early dismissal today. I might go to the post office. Eric called he just finish eating his lunch. He sound his not feeling well. One thing I don't want to hear from him he says " i will go home and go to bed "! My feeling is his not happy anymore..I don't know what's on hes mind. When he arrive if I have change I will ask him.

Call u later babe!u take care..

Detroit Cleaner

Oh!I will recommend this Detroit Cleaning to my friend Eva she's looking for a house cleaner because she can't do the household anymore specially she's pregnant and she go to work everyday.When the time she go home their house is all mess! Her husband is complaining to her already.Their kids don't know how to fix his bed and the toys is on the floor.The trash.All I know their are some people they will clean their house if spring time comes because if winter season they don't want to move because it's cold. So now here comes to solve their problem about cleaning the house. Both of them they don't have enough time.Unlike me I'm a stay home mom so I can clean our house every now and then.Because if we don't have a proper sanitation in our house the rats or insects..Keeping your house clean makes you feel more at ease when you're stressed out.I'm pretty sure this company the Detroit they have the best home cleaning.And also they hired people that is mature, dynamic,energetic and self motivated individual with a good sense of responsibility.They trained their people! They can offer you the good service ever you are wanted to happen in your home, not only your home they also proudly to serve you to your retail store, bank, offices and got the best cleaner!A clean house you feel better it seems you have peace of mind.Cleaning a messy house is a big work.You have to organized the things and also their dishes stack up time to time in the sink.

Can you live that kind of house with all the mess?

So worry free for your dirty house. Hire one now!


This morning I'm watching Filipino TV program at you tube. I miss those day every noon time we watch wowowee together with my family. Right after we ate our lunch I grab our remote and that will be set at channel 3! "Kapamilya" ! What I like in that program is their "Willie of Fortune " just like now this episode the two popular FilAm Billy Crawford and Alp De Ap in black eye peas they are singing duet. I'm proud of them being a Filipino they never forget where they come from..Go..Pinoy!

Monday, February 23, 2009

my first time

It's a cold evening 34 degrees. Eric he feels like hes freezing while watching T.V. Lorenz and I we're playing catching ball. His so excited already to play baseball. After I let him review his spelling. Around 9 P.M. he went to his room and sleep. Eric he take shower and Me I so surprise I have one opp. from other advertiser. thank you so much you still give me a change, I tried to post that that's my first time. Wish me luck! I'm so sleepy already I have to go now. Zzz

Good night!

Mom's Kitchen

Eric his not in the mood to cook for our supper so he decided to go out and we went to Mom Kitchen. It was our first time to eat there. I order sea food. It was not what I expected. hehe Anyways Lorenz his so hungry he clean his plate. Finally we see his classmate Micah at Mom Kitchen with her family. She's such a skinny little girl. Go home!

Have nice evening!


I'm currently residing at Georgia. Here in our place right now it's 47 degrees it's sunny at highs in the 50s.North winds blow 10 to 15mph. Tonight it's clear and it will lows in the upper 20s. Light and variable wind. To compare to Arizona it's a huge different! If I will compare Arizona to the Philippines a little bit like now the weather in Arizona it's in 80 degrees.In the Philippines we have a topical weather maybe I can deal a little bit. Wow! that was so hot you can take off your shirt with that. Maybe walking you're already burning.This Scottsdale Fine Properties they have a luxury home,investment,vacation and condominium segment, and delivering an extraordinary level of service, have earned the both success and a sparkling reputation. Maybe I will try to live at Arizona with a luxury homes. Enjoy the hit under the sun.They have also lot's to offer like this You can reach them thru fax or telephone (480)391-7100 call now!


Monday..Monday! My hubby is here he was not able to work this morning because of his left ear is still swelling. This morning his planning to go to see his doctor. He take Ibuprofen. And he notice his ear it's swelling down already unlike yesterday it's red and hot. That makes him feel sick!
This morning also I try to answer the practice test for the driving permit...because this few days I'm been reading that note,grrrr reading without understanding! 0:) Eric said I have to pass and to get that driving permit so that I can practice already. yes,boss! I will not promise but I will try my more&more!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


What a beautiful Sunday Morning! For our breakfast Eric prepare pancake and beacon . He wake up early as usual. Eric notice his left ear is swelling very bad. And Lorenz his been asking me if we will go out to see Anthony or Austin because he wants to play with them. But I let him play on the computer the nickjr the online game for kids while Eric taking his nap, he was not able to sleep well last night maybe because of his ear bothers him already. For our lunch we ate pizza and the Italian bread dip to ham mas. Lorenz and I we're playing baseball. I teach him how to catch the ball..he enjoy it!

babe get well soon!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


It's a long day! We went to Albany to watch car racing . It was our first time . Mom and Dad was there also and coach Derick with his son Hunter. Lorenz and Hunter they are having fun playing with Austin . Mom and Dad they go ahead because they will get some grocery.After a few minutes we left also we went to the airport to see Phil. I met his co-worker his a Filipino and his from Davao he invited us this coming Saturday for his son Christening.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I have found a brilliant site where it gives a free scan for img errors in your computers.Well,errors like not being able to easily open img files in Windows.This fantastic site is called the file extension library. Just click to img and you'll get a big help from them. Each entry contains information about the file format, its creator,a description of the file, related applications which make use of that particular file extension, and it's common path which is the location disk where it is most likely to find this type of file on your computer. So it is not hard to find out what you want to know.It allows and easy access on your own cluster of files.This can be proven safe especially it is from an established company.Why not try to visit now!

wink :)

It's a cool Friday morning 37 degrees outside. Right now I'm talking to my sister Riza. My hubby just called for his lost keys. I think he just misplaced those keys. Anyways, to my dear friend hey, girl I'm still waiting for you to show up so that you can teach me how to solve my problem with my blog...where r u ?
Later when my son arrive he ask me to play baseball with him. Because his been asking for how many days already maybe this time..(wink;)

ok! have a nice weekend everyone

Thursday, February 19, 2009

show me plsSs

:(( Oh! where r u Glorie plsssss show up! I'm been waiting for you here.. so that I can repost that I'm sure that's already forfeited. But it's OK as long we can fix what wrong with my blog.

While waiting for my friend. I search on the Internet how to get oil stain on the clothing.
Because this morning when I let Eric check his shirt if the stain is gone..unfortunately still there!! so he don't want to wear his orange polo shirt anymore because of that stain.
And I find one easy way to apply and I'm hoping this will work.

Removing oil stains from clothing:

An organic and environmentally friendly way is to use citrus acid (orange, lemon, etc.). Dab the oil stain with the citrus acid until it disappears and wash as usual.

what's for supper? :D chicken 'n chicken! Later I will bake butter pecan.yumyumm ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trash day

Isaiah 63:15-64:9 Today's Reading

A Prayer of Penitence
Look down from heaven and see, from your holy and glorious habitation. Where are your zeal and your might? The yearning of your heart and your compassion?...

Wednesday trash day! Last night I was not able to watch the American Idol. It's OK , but I will bit for Danny This morning I already grab our garbage near the road so that the garbage man they can easy get it. I heard the news this morning about the "Gas Prices are Raising again"! I read some comments from the people:

CA this is ridiculous! I work in the industry and know from refinery sources that margins on gasoline are above $30bbl, rivaling last years peaks. Once again we are being taken advantage of during the worst financial time most of us have ever seen. Government is powerless and industry fat cats continue to benefit.

The gas prices are ridiculous. I believe its a bunch of horseshit. Our economy is going to go under and asses at chevron and others are getting mightly rich. Refinery's are probably making the same as they did the last time that gas was under $30 a barrel, those jerks just realized that they can charge whatever they want and will continue to do so.

So.. o;)

Now I'm watching one of the Filipino movie "Kailangan Kita" . After watching the movie I will try to search some recipe for ground beef, because I what to make new dish...with that!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

nothing much to say...

Good Morning America! Home alone! I have nothing to do after I'm cleaning the house because if I will start cooking for our supper it's to early. I'm updating my blog and checking if I have some opportunities to be grab..(wink) But before that I try to ask help from my friend Glorie. And she said she will help me to solved it! plssss O;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

home sweet home

I'm glad that I found this site the Wilmington, NC Luxury Real Estate this year my husband and I we're planning to buy a new house, since we're a first time buyer we have to know what kind of houses are they selling. As I read this site the Wilmington, NC Luxury Real Estate they have lot's of homes for sell on the web they are located in North Carolina. It's a Luxury Homes and luxury real estate, at the destinations every bodies love. And one thing also in this site they will give you a complete required information on the home and you will receive a complimentary computer analysis, indicating the home's and the approximate present value on the market today, they will help you to figure out the budget that you have. You will also receiving information by email, and without having to speak with an agent! So what are you waiting for just click and sign up now! A once in a life time. Check it out and decide what kind of home's and the location...for your family.

have a break

President day! Holiday! They are here Eric and Lorenz. We ate our breakfast this morning around 8 A.M. and Eric told us to get dress after eating because we will go to the town. Then we went to his brother place first he asking something for his brother Phil. Austin is with us . We ate at Ryan's it's a buffet restaurants. After there went to Wall Mart to garb some grocery. Then we went to Goody's to the max! Eric decided not to go with me inside the store..but his Eric help me and he find one nice purple sleeveless.I grab 4 blouses and we save a lot we only pay for $25 imagine!
Muahhhhh ;p thanks you so much babe ;0 I'm so happy plus when I check my ppp I have one to be grab..tnx!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart's Day

"One man by himself is nothing. Two people who belong together make a world"

Daily Couples: My Horoscope for today! hurhur!hahaha! SECRET!

Turn up the heat, let go of all your inhibitions and explore your wilder side with your lover today. You can enjoy hearts and flowers another time, for you this day is all about passion.

It's Heart's Day! This is our first Valentines together as a couple and a lover's. Eric cooking one of my favorite food the shrimps. We celebrate our Valentines in our house. It was simple yet it's romantic for the three of us.

Thanks babe love you

Friday, February 13, 2009

feel sad

Good Morning Sunshine! I have one task to be grab but unfortunately " I understand that the following must be met to satisfy the offer" huhuhu that's was mine because it's my color "white" Opportunity is Available to You! but why?! I'm been waiting for that for almost 2 days. I feel upset because I'm eager to grab that task. hay, better luck next time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

question & answer

What is one thing you would love to happen tomorrow?
* Eric will feeling better.
Is your phone a flip, slide or neither?
* flip.
Did anyone see you kiss the last person you kissed?
* yeah maybe.
Do you watch a lot of tv?
* not so much.
Have you ever sneak out of your house?
* during my younger years.
What are you doing this coming weekend?
* -- it's valentines day!!.our first valentine's as couple
. Eric buy last night some...for this coming Heart Day!
Everything happens for a reason?
* i believe so....
Do you live with both of your parents?
*that was b4. now I'm already married.
Do you think too much or too little?
* too much -- sometimes i worry too much also.. i tend to be a control freak..
Where were you at 12am Wednesday night?
What happened at 10:00 am today?
* stay home -- doing my daily
Who were you with last night around 9:00pm?
* of course with my hubby and my son.home!.
How many hours did you sleep last night?
* 8 hrs..
What song is playing?
* Home by: Michael Buble.
What is the highlight of next week?
* next week? nothing at all ;).
Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
*yes, my hubby and my son.
What ARE thingS you want in life right now?
* i can name a few....
Have you ever in any way, been betrayed by someone you trust?
* SOBRA! and when someone betrays me? i drop that person from my friend's list..
How many texts are in your inbox?
*only 2 from my friend Soccoro.
Where did your last hug take place?
* Home.
Who was the last person you talked to?
*this morning my son his going to school..
Made any promises lately?
* nope.
Honestly what color is your shirt?
Honestly, whats on your mind?
* to grab more task/oppurtunities fr ppp.
Honestly, what have u done yesterday?
* cleaning the house, watching the movie and cooking food for our supper.
Honestly, have you ever been in love?
* always.. i love LOVE..
Honestly, is your heart still occupied?
* with what? or with whom?.
Honestly , are you jealous of somebody right now?
*do have the reason to be jealous?..
Honestly, are you LOVING someone right now?
* YES!.
Honestly, any plannings in near future?
* plans alone, there are lot's ... its the execution of those plans ang lisod =(

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

so sick

Sick! This time it's my husband turn. His not feeling well , he has a sore throat. So he was not able to go to work. We went to Adams Food Center the store here in our town to buy medicine for the sore throat. He can't eat well it's hard for him to swallow the food. yeah! that's what I felt.grrrr ;(

Bing sick is yucky! Because you have to take some awful medicine and you spend long days in bed. Ache all over your body. It such a bore cause there's nothing much to's pain in the butt!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


When I wake up this morning still I'm not feeling good. I ate oatmeal with biscuit. My hubby he didn't cook any food for our breakfast , because Lorenz is not around only the two of us in the house. I cleaned the house and do laundry also. Eric ask me why I'm so busy this morning. I told him I don't want to be sick! This afternoon I noticed that his not feeling well. Well, that's what I felt Friday night when we arrived from USCIS. Pills!!! his taking the ibuprofen. It's getting worse , I do the sponge bath. He only ate noodles and cereal with milk.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Concrete Cleaner

As a stay home mom I always wants our house nice and clean.This is my problem how to get or clean the stained on our floor and even on the wall too.grrr One of our neighbor visited in our house I try to ask her what she used for cleaning for their floor. I told her I'm been having problem with all the dirt already that make me sick. And she recommend me this concrete cleaner.I found out wow,this is what I want for my house! They have specific stain that the concrete cleaner can clean or remove.. mild to the very scary stain.If in case you have more complex concrete problem. Just try to visit their web site the concrete cleaner usa.They have more technique. The proper identification will help you how or the chart.It was so amazing,kaboom stain-free it's nice and clean now.Don't forget the name!grab now!

it's a great day!

Thanks God I'm doing good already. Last night I don't know I feel very cold. It's seems my fever it's inside my body. When I inhale it's warm.. My husband Eric he let me take pills and that help me a lot , thanks babe. Because I have my sore throat I can't eat well , this morning my hubby cooking for our breakfast it's hard for me to swallow the food..huhuhu ;( Eric he invite his friend David to take lunch with us. Eric prepare spicy smoked sausage, beans , potato chips , macaroni salad and some soda. David and Mary they bring ice cream for our dessert and they give us some breaded chicken also. thanks guy's!
We have some movie to watch. We watch "Taken" and "Lake view Terrace" it was a nice movies they enjoy it. And our son Lorenz he spending the night with Anthony.

Friday, February 6, 2009

It' a long day

Today is our appointment at Atlanta in (USCIS) for our biometric. We left in the house around 11 A.M. When we in the fort Benning area, we have a little tour . Fort Benning is a huge area, for the ranger and military they have lot's of trainee also .Then after we when to Atlanta. At the USCIS you can't bring any device inside. It only takes a hour because they have some people will assist you immediately.

We're starving , Eric ask me what do I want to eat? BBQ or shrimps? So we went to Country BBQ in Columbus. It was my first time. Mmmm BBQ ribs! Makes my mouth watery. Oh may I will finger-licking smack! We shared the ribs with my son Lorenz . There's also on that plate french fries and a corn on the cob...Because I'm been longing to have a BBQ ribs. Thanks Babe your so,so,so..good to us! You will give everything just to make us happy. muahhhh ;0

This morning before we left I'm not feeling well already because of my sore throat. When we arrived that was 7:45 P.M. oh may I'm chilling, it's so cold plus I have headache and backache . My husband massage my back and I let Lorenz step my back also. But still...Eric decide to give more pills. In fairness that relieve the warmness inside my body. I called my friend Soccoro.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I opened my YM this early morning and timing my younger brother Harold is online. I chatted with him and we talked about ourselves because it's been weeks since then. Actually, I am away from my family and through this technology, it seems the distance and the worries of being away from home is gone. wow! But I remember when my siblings and i were still young, we are not really used to talk about us. We are not that close but we play with each other. It is exciting to think as we grow to age we slowly got closer.
Ey, till the next chat time with my family...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A weekend find

The hubby and I last weekend went car shopping with our friends since we are thinking of buying another car. Since we are thinking of adding another car to the family. We wanted to see if we can save some money with the way times are now with the recession. So we looked on the internet for insurance that had the same limits and policy details we already have now but maybe cost less to save some $$. When I looking I found this site cheap car insurance. On this site they start you off with a free quote so you can compare with other companies rates so can see if you like to go further to see if they are the right company for you. After getting past the quote I found good information on there policies, articles on so much to do with automobile (loans, lawyers, insurance, guides, safety, savings and more),giving you affordable automobile insurance for all ages, easy access to pay and find information about on your policy, details of any question you have by the website, email or calling them. Your able to move around the website with easy without confusion which I like alot since many other websites normally can be so confusing. Not only do they have insurance they are a 1 stop shopping area for automobile loans, rentals, repairs and new car quotes. WOW why wont you like this site.

Surprises Today

My hubby surprised me today by getting dinner for us. He bought 1 of my favorites in hot wings from a store in town. And he was so full of surprises today because he bought another surprise of my favorite foods in ice cream cones : ) . My hubby is good to us always. Lorenz went back to school today feeling better from his fever and viral infection. He had much homework to catch up on but he got it all done.

Seeking for a mate

In my personal experience with my husband we also meet one of the online dating.This new Dating Site Directory I rather like this one because you have your directory so those people who are seeking for a date they can choose what they want or select what category they want to go...yeah! now a days most man and women they seeking for their partner online.Their are lot's of online dating out there,but for me this dating info is different because they gather the best.They are available 24 hours everyday just to assists and willing to help you to find your love.. All of a kind you name they have it!.So since I found his site I'm proudly recommended the 411 dating info to my friends in the Philippines.Because they always asking if I have some foreigner friends here in Georgia who are seeking also. And I told them it's nice you will be the one searching for a mate.yahooo! I have good news for them so that they can pick their mate on this site.Good luck to my friends! Anyways I finally found my partner in life and I'm happy to be with him now.

good credit

Good timing for us because we are looking for a new house and my husband his planning to get personal finance. One of my friend told me that this money now USA they have good services. They will help you no matter what your current credit situation . So I will tell my husband about this they have the best credit. Fast and easy money it will not takes days to get the money. I'm pretty sure he will agree with me to get credit loan from money now USA because I do believe we're in good hands with them they will take good care. So now I have peace of mind where to get money. Take note at low rate...

Freezing morning

The weather this morning here in Preston is 18 degrees. It's cooldd! what a cold Wednesday morning I'm freezing. Home alone and I feel very cold.. my hands is so cold. I'm wrapping my body I'm wearing my puffy winter jacket plus I'm wearing my socks to keep me warm. Also I plug our heater here in our room. While wait the ppp will give me some opportunity to grab I watch this tagalog movie. I'm watching "ang lihim ni Antonio" the movie is about a young man. His hiding his identity from his family and his friends... here i will post the site it's

As of now the temperature is 29 degrees already much better than 18..grrrr My beloved husband called me he will bring something for our supper meaning I will not cook for our supper.
thanks babe. Now I'm looking for another movie tagalog movie to watch..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

no matter what

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
"No matter what happens in life,
never lose sight of who you are."

I found this quote. Before we begin our day this can help to start it. The positive way to motivate our self through word of inspiration. To have encouragement to help our self-confidence and to inspire our self and others. This can help us to see that being positive and optimistic about life!

What a wonderful morning! I let my son Lorenz review his spelling. I make a deal to him before he can play his online game the nickjr. Then we do the spelling words until he familiarize. While his studying he still scratching his body. He take his medicine and I apply some caldyphen lotion all over his body. It's play time! enjoy son..

Monday, February 2, 2009

time flies

Oh may how time flies..Monday it's another day again. Lorenz he didn't go to school today because his still not feeling well. Eric he wake up early this morning preparing his self for work. I wondering why Lorenz keep scratching his body he said "it's so itchy mama". When the time I take off his shirt I saw red spots on his body. I start to panic again I feel that's measles. But when I try to search on the net about measles the symptoms, causes and the treatment. I called Eric to his work and we decided to bring him to see a doctor. So, it's a virus from the wind or he got from school. Eric buy some medicine for him. So now his getting better already.thanks God! This afternoon my cousin Iris called me. Well, it's a rainy Monday afternoon...I just update my blog so that I have lot's of opportunity to grab ;0

Sunday, February 1, 2009

paniC Sunday

What a Sunday morning today! My hubby cook pan cake for our breakfast this morning. We will not go anywhere today because Lorenz his still not feeling well much better we will stay home. I was panic because his face was turn red and Eric he run to the store to buy new medicine Tylenol. I do the sponge bath and let him eat before he take his medicine. Thanks God he feel better. My friend Soccoro she called me we n chika 2 the maX!!! she's not feeling well also maybe because of the climate now a days.Our convirsation that takes 3 hours , we was cut off because I'm out of bat already. Well, I enjoy talking to her she's such a nice girl .Socorro she's my schoolmate.