Tuesday, February 23, 2010

one Stop..shop

Party cloudy today! I'm kinda grumpy because I have my monthly period just this morning..Anyways, this weekend we will attending a birthday party. Still I don't have any idea what to buy for Jenny Marie.But isn't easy for me to go alone and drive on the road because 'til now I don't have a drivers permit yet!

I'm thinking since most of the people now a days they do online shopping a services over the Internet.All types of stores have retail websites, including those that do and do not also have physical storefronts and paper catalogs. And I said to myself this is cool! It's so quick and easy..I don't need to drive and plus I can save gas.However, if we are just practical and we just want to save, we can simply search or get what we want to buy online.And also most stores are packed around the weekend.right?

Now, since I solve my own problem, finally I found this store the shopwiki.com. I'm so glad I chose this shopwiki.com because they all have what I'm looking for Jenny Marie's birthday gift,I would like to give her a girls hair accessories because she have a curly hair I want her to look beautiful that will fit her everyday outfit. Not only that at shopwiki.com they have a nice and pretty
clothing for girls and
girls snow boots let your little girls style shine. And on their dresses and accessories. It's so affordable and perfect for every occasion. Now if I think word "shopping" there is only one store I want to visit the shopwiki.com name it they have it from girls clothes, music,health& beauty,Automotive,wedding and much..much more! At affordable price and you can shop anytime you want 24/7 days a week :D

A one stop Shop!!!

hitting strenght

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfEric he bought new baseball cleats , cage for his helmet, 28 inch & 18 oz baseball bat and a new pants. They start practicing their baseball using pitching machine. As what Eric said to Lorenz this is different from T-ball this time you're playing a really baseball..

At the field it's new for him because of the pitching machine. He needs to have that strength. Because this where forearm and wrist strength come into play because this is where bat speed is generated. His complaining that his wrist is hurting. And also he need to focus on the ball and adjust his swing. He needs to build some muscles in order to hit the ball hard. Anyways, he will used to it he can adjust his swing and timing!

3rd Quarter grades

Webster County Elem/Middle School
Progress Report Qt3
Lorenz,Kyle 2nd Grade

Course: Q3 grades

Math ---- 94
Social Studies----- 100
Language ---- 84
Science----- 95
Reading2nd ----- 88

These are the 3rd Quarter grades of Lorenz.So by March 17,2010 they will get their report card.We're so proud of Lorenz his been struggling with his grades but he really make it to A& B's..being a new student and with a new environment I know it's so hard but Lorenz he tried his best. Even though his in the after school program it does mean I will not check his homework , I will..everyday I will let him read his book and practice his spelling words . With god's guidance his really doing good in school. Eric he never though that Lorenz he can easy adjust and he so proud of it! Keep it up Kyle we're here to support you all the way.

Monday, February 22, 2010

San Diego moving companies

It's a rainy Monday Morning here in GA. The kids they are starting their baseball practice for this coming season.

My friend Kenia she approach me she said:" I'm kinda upset today, because the people who will supposed to help us to move our things to the new house they didn't show, we're expecting them to come this Morning, but 'til now they are not there yet!

I feel sad to her. I know it's not easy to move things especially you don't have enough equipments or people who will help you. Because you have to be carefully for your things like your appliance and furniture's too.

Worry FREE! I'm so proud that I found a guaranteed moving company the SanDiegomovingcompanies. I'm so happy that finally I can help my friend, I will recommend her this the SanDiegomovingcompanies. The All star move, a company offer the best value for their services, and have the strongest reputation and of course they are licensed plus with a employee who are dedicated to their works. This company is a top rated company with an A rating with the Better Business Bureau for 11 years. In them your in good hands, your things are in a safe 24 foot moving vehicle big enough for your furniture and much more things. So when it comes to a quality moving services , the SanDiegovingCompanies the no. 1 on your list can't be beaten. They are unsurpassed in speed and convenience and the best of all!

At your SERVICE :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010


ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfGood morning sunshine! Today, sunny, cool and breezy 35 degrees outside. As of now I'm here in front of my computer eating my breakfast while watching the Filipino teleserye. I'm so updated..:P
Well, anyways I have nothing to do while waiting for some opp. And also it's so early for me to prepare food for our dinner. Since I'm alone everyday sometimes I ate twice a day, if we have left over I will preheat that, and that's gonna be my brunch. Eating alone is so lonely :(

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

cut weddding expenses

I talk to my sister this morning. Riza and her bf they are planning to get married this year. She's our younger sister and I think it's time for her to get married also, anyways she's in the right age. I ask her how's the budget? They can't estimate yet. Only closes friends and family will attend the wedding. Now she's confuse they weren't sure where to start.Because now a day's I know it cost to much to get married.(: Everything you have to spend money from your wedding dresses 'til to the receptions.

I told her you have to be practical.Instead to make your own wedding gown or the wedding dresses why not try to rent.There are ways to have the wedding you desire without going way into to do so. A free up money to put elsewhere into something you really want to your wedding ceremony or reception.So that after the wedding you still have some budget left, so just cut wedding expenses.

glass showcases

Eric his planning to redoing our living room since his buying some stuff for the house. Last month we bought new dresser for Lorenz. He just wanted to organize things inside the house. Eric he had some collections like cars,he love to collect buffalo stuffs and Lorenz we don't know where we want to put his trophies. Because we've been collecting things but we don't have a showcases.

Timing my friend Kenia she drop by just to get the copy of the movie that she really wanting to watch the "Blindside". Anyways, she told us she when to the mall the other day they have lot's of sale. And I said to her we want to have a glass showcases for our living room. It's so nice to have a glass showcase in your living room or in your house, because a lockable glass showcase are designed to display your collections or trophies, artworks and artifact for all to see in a safe, secure environment. A fully adjustable glass shelves give display flexibility.

Not only that there are lot of usage for a glass showcases like in the store they used glass showcase also , to display their product in the safe and descent place to attract the costumers.right?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

time to buy gold bullion

Last month the price of the gasoline go crazy..As what I have said to Eric we don't need to go anywhere every weekend because it cost to much for the gas. Just try to figure out how much is going to cost to get where we're going plus everyday you have to travel 45 miles away going to your work..everyday!

Economy crises, sad to heard everyday on the news that the oil and gas price goes up & down! I know this was nothing new to all American consumers.But today they rollback the price of the crude oil and the gas.Cheap gas price in town..My hubby he woke up early today to gas it up his track before going to work. So now I think to those investors or gold bullion coins collectors today is the right time to buy gold bullion because of the market price now a days. The best gold price you ever get so what are you waiting for...Hurry Up! Get the most of your opportunity or time.While gold is down from it's peak.

enjoy shopping :D

Love:The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret....

Valentines Day at home. Because Lorenz his not feeling well he had a slight fever, actually before that day I made a plan already we supposed to go to church Sunday. Anyways, we clean the house we get some stuff and we put it in our utility sheds. So since we have pork chop and Italian suasage I grilled..and wallah we have food for our Valentines dinner. lol

Thanks God Lorenz his doing good Monday morning. Eric he decide we will celebrate our post Valentines day! these is what we have receive. For Lorenz a heart shape box with chocolates and a home made Valentine card from us. Me , red roses and tulips. Eric he only got that white bond paper it says " i love you happy Valentines Babe". poor Eric! :D lol Lorenz he make Valentines card for us and a chocolate cup cake.


snow patrol

Snow: We're over it Feb 12. 2010 that was our 2nd experiencing snow, because here in GA we rare get it! we got 1-4 inches of snow.. No school for the kids. Our son Lorenz his having fun playing at the snow together with his cousins Cheyenne and Austin , they are playing snowball fight. But unfortunately it hasn't been easy for some people. Blizzard we hit on!

Lorenz his spend the night on his cousins house. Saturday morning they went to their grandma & grandpa's house , they are taking the most of it before the snow will melt..(lol) Lorenz's even though his been coughing and his foot is hurting still he wants to play at the snow.

As what Lorenz's says " that was the great day ever"! making snowballs & Snowman.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family time

Life at home it's not that easy. We live in a small space and I'm here full-time,so I have to keep it organized.Because as what my friend says " to keep makeover budget-friendly". My hubby Eric he wanted to buy new a furniture's. We need to have some arrangement to do for our house. He wants to buy a new sofa and also for our Dining Room Tables we don't have enough space if we have family and friends who will come to visit us. Space savings is one big appeal for our dinning room table.
We just wanted our friends and family who came to visit to have an oasis, to feel comfortable. In the Kitchen it's not just where you cook and eat. It's where you hung out. catch up, help with homework, and reconnect.A kitchen that has enough space and that fit beautifully into our life with modern extendable dinning table, a perfect solution to the dinning needs for a small family like us. The perfect kitchen for your lifestyle in different shape and color. A contented home are things that are economically friendly.So go ahead fix your dinner deglaze, dish with friends, or simply sit back and delight in the view.
Improve your home and save money doing it! There's no place like home..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

online consultant

Good morning everyone!Today the weather in GA is sunny and windy 34 degrees right now.I'm lazy to get up.lol
Anyways,as usual I'm doing my daily routine like checking my email and of course updating my blog and one of that is searching a job online.
HotJobs! there are thousands of new jobs listed daily and one job that caught my eye is the Online Marketing Consultant.huh! sound interesting..this is a good job! I had an experience being a marketing consultant before.My work being a consultant I have to be presentable to my client and one very important thing I must do is preparing my product presentation...I'll make it sure it is well worth setting the time. So this online marketing consultant job this is new for me..yeah,right! your costumers they can't see your ugly mug or your hairdo/style. This is a nice job because you only communicate your client through your headset or some are online chat! They can't see you if you feel nervous or at ease during your presentation. Simple and a quick easy job for your costumers too. This is how the technology can help for us. Just one call or click on your internet they can help you to solve your problem..anytime!

Monday, February 8, 2010

MUST sync software

Eric he started to worried about his files or documents. Because we have lot's of files that he store in his computer. I don't know where in the world he hide our files. Like the other day I try to search where is the files of our immigration documents.Makes me mad I can't find because we have these folders for our pictures, music, movie,important documents, and much more. And he said I need to have a backup to keep my files.
Timing one of my friend she mention about sync software. She said you need to synchronize your data. This so simple to use and you can download this software for FREE! She said the sync is to set the folders two or more folders you want to be identical. This can allows to have as many jobs as you need. And also you can do routine multiple-job synchronization with just one click. Wow! that sound good and interesting for me, multiple jobs at once. Not only that this is an automatic synchronize also, as easy as 1-2-3..
Now i try to download the sync software. Eric his so glad to have this kind of software it so easy for us to use and search.This can help alot!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Torrent and tempest

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfWhat a terrible rainy Friday morning...Eric he take day off today he said it's best to stay in home. Because it will rain whole day today and the truck his boss will be using it so he can't do his work and plus his complaining his ankle hurting. He said " till it's sunny again, hope by Monday". lol

We both stay home watching some movie and he cook for our lunch. Me, doing my daily routine. I called my friend from California. Sad to hear that they had a car accident and the worst part is that her husband whisper on her, "just tell the paramedic that your fine" on the accident scenes!! he don't want to be admitted to the hospital because it's so expensive! My friend she freak out , she can't move barely her head.. She bed rest for 3 days. After that they file case against the owner of the other vehicle. They won the case and now the husband he wants they will go to the hospital to see a doctor in short he will cheat!!! and Honey she disagreed, she really mad. I don't know what kind of person is the husband. Come to think of it he is 100% "blood" PINOY , but the only thing that he grow up here in the US..grrr "makalagot lang huna-hunaon ingonang mga tao"!

I'm so pity for her. Hope she will be fine and safe there.

Friday, February 5, 2010

He shoots, he scores!

The first time I watch hockey game I feel kinda weird maybe because I'm not aware that they have to fight in the middle of the game or I don't understand that's part of the game!!! I said to myself there are kids watching also..do they need to fight?! Because for me it's not right..Well, anyways that night the game was Ok not enough action the snake scored. The people they want to see more action, some says"the actual game was ok, the fights were spectacular"! I told Lorenz I don't want you to play hockey because for me that's a dangerous game it's not good! But you can watch the game.lol

They have game on Feb 9,2010 10:30 Am Columbus Cottonmouths v Mississippi Surge at Columbus Civic Center , Columbus, GA.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Luscious palm trees

Yesterday,Eric and I we're cleaning Lorenz room because we bought him a new dresser.While I'm cleaning the room , Eric he remember Lorenz they have a spring break (April 19-25). It seems his so excited, because he will able to get a week off of work. Uh,OH!do we have enough money in the budget for a trip? He just smile, and say's I'll take care of it!He said there are plenty of things or places that we can do or we go..Eric says how about let's make for the shore and let's go of the anchor..wow!That sound great,i lovi'n it! Go swimming at the white-sand beaches on the Mexican Riviera Maya.My dream place. The ambiance it's truly relaxing.We will enjoy our self as we look around.White sand beach,luscious palm trees,flowers galore and friendly people.
Spring break is a grand opportunity for a family vacation , to have fun and spend quality time together. Whether you plan a trip to a fancy resort,take a road trip to some nearby destinations, or hang out together at home, because spring break is the great time for you and kids to bond. It doesn't matter where you go as long as we're together happy family. Planning ahead will help everyone make the most of it.

avoid bullies

This morning we had the meeting with his teacher. At first she let our son talk first. As what Eric said to the teacher , because you have this rule " NO tattling"! She said if it's manor problem they don't need but of course if it's a major problem the kid can approach or can whisper on me. Oh, well maybe Lorenz his scared maybe his thinking he will get in trouble! It was a emotional conversion with the teacher because it hurts me so much..because nobody has the right to hurt my son! As what I have said to the teacher we never know what's going on inside this campus. Your with the kids all day long. But not only one kid picking at him. Lorenz is not aggressive , maybe because I rise my son with all the respect and discipline. The teacher promise us that will not happened again!

Now I talk Lorenz how to avoid bullies! And I will always remind him about that...I know it's really different being a stranger in this country. I know soon he can depend himself , his still learning.

push my botton

ss_blog_claim=bc0479439ded185a42c421b8a0bb0abfI'm little worried about our son Lorenz. Because Monday morning it was not his good morning. I ask him what's wrong do you have any problem in the school or did anybody bothering you? He said yeah.and then he started to cry. He tell me everything..It was Ivrey, one of his classmate. What this boy done to you? He push and kick Lorenz on his stomach! I was really mad and upset. I let Eric call the school to have an appointment with the teacher. Because this is not good anymore, his been picking with those kind of kids "bullies" in the school.