Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Actos Lawsuit

Today I learned new words the Actos. Actos - is an oral diabetes medication that has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular complications, liver damage and , most recently , the bladder cancer.

Attention to those patience who's suffering this kind of ills and while taking Actos you may be able to recover compensation for costs associated with medical treatment, as well as other expenses arising from the effects of the drug.
You have to be careful what ever drugs you been taking. For my personal point of view: for example you have mild headache or any mild pain in your body..do not take immediately pills or drugs do the alternative way..or do some remedies like herbal. Because for me taking drugs/pills that will damage your kidney or any parts of your body when you used taking drugs/pills. That's why my son as possible,I do some remedies..
Anyways, since we're here in our new generation in case like this we can talk or ask any legal advice about Actos lawsuit you can speak out to them your problem. They're there to fight for your case and for you family.

Health is Wealth


Good Morning sunshine!

Early in the morning my friend Melda called me, she ask me if I would like to harvest tomatoes and peas and said sure why not never try yet.. I when there and we bring 3 buckets.  At Ms. Cidy yard we stop and keep digging. I ask ate Mel, for I though we will getting tomatoes..yeah! but we have to get some garlic. What makes me amaze was there are lots of garlic in that ground. and I ask them I bet you don't have any snake on your yard , cause the snake don't like the smell of the garlic. I got home late yesterday. Eric he was wondering where am I, cause usually I don't stay late outside specially I'm driving because I'm scared I will hit by the deer. ;)

live life♥

Last month we went to Atlanta for our biometric appointment. We also invited our friends Kenia and her kids and Shaun to go with us. For our biometric it only takes 15 minutes, because of the people there they are so accommodating. So as what our plan for that day we went to the world of Coca-cola . It was our first time and it's so amazing there are 60 plus beverage around the world. We enjoy a lot their 4D theater . We learned the secret formula , it was a adventurous movie...how they make that drinks taste good! And also their collection from different  country, unfortunately there's no  Coke from Philippines. ;( 
But still we really enjoy tasting the drinks from different country..my favorite flavor  was the pineapple Fanta from Greece. Did you know how old is the Coca-cola? it's 125 year old.

So much with that, it's time to eat for our lunch we went to the Mediterranean restaurant. most of us we got the Shawarma. Like the meat but for me I'm craving the one in the ph. specially the  spicy sauce.yummy! It was a great day for us, a two hours travel it's worth..♥

personal injury lawyer

Hi, everyone finally I'm back! Last month it was a very stressful for us, because of what happened to my father in law he got an accident, he was injured. What happened was he was working at the shop and all a of a sudden he hit his right arm. My father in law his a aircraft mechanic. I'm not sure what kind of tools that hits on his arm,it's a sharp thing! Anyways, he was run to the emergency. My mother in law she called my her son Eric asking what she need's to do. Good thing Eric he have a friend they are advice try to contact the Austin personal injury attorney they will offer each and every one of their clients a no-hassle, no obligation. Anything you want to ask them they are their to listen and fight for your right! In them your in good hands ;)

For the right attorney to meet your legal advice needs call : O'Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath - Personal Injury lawyers - 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Be safe and always know your rights!

'd come back ☺

It's been a while that I didn't work or update my blog. Because we're so busy, going to the baseball field do practicing for Lorenz's  up coming tornament. I don't have enough time even for my self. Sometimes I want to scream , specially now a days it's so hot and dry...omg I'm getting darker! Anyways, we used sunblock also for protection and drink more water.

But what shall I do, we have to support our son. As what my hubby said " it's so nice that he have that determination" like some of the kids during summer time they just sitting down on the front of the computer playing or watching TV. But for us we give Lorenz time to play any games he wants , and he have time to refresh like practicing his math and writing cursive..and also he can spend nights with his friends. I think this summer Lorenz he enjoy alot.

our lil King

The Filipino American Association (FAA) celebrating the Philippine Independence 2011 with the background of the SantaCruzan. StantaCruzan - is a feast of the Holy Cross, is variously celebrated throughout the world. It was originally observed on May 23, at least in the Philippines, although it is no longer on the calendar.

The Snatacruzan Celebration in the Philippines depicts a unique festivity in which a young boy is crowned as King Constantino and a young girl as Queen Elena. This event is popular in certain regions of the country.

Lorenz was crowned as the 2nd King. It was our first time to joined in this organization and of course we don't have enough supporter or friends..the mechanics of this event  if  he/she will make the most "money" he/she will be the King Contantino & Queen Elena. Anyways, it was a great experience for us especially for our son. We enjoy and we really entertained. My friends they are so thankful that we invented them to witness the Filipino culture...