Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jack'O Lantern

I have read an article and I find interesting..Specially the all souls day is approaching!! About Jack 'O Lantern..Who's Jack 'O Lantern and what does he have to do with All Souls' Day and Halloween?? The carving faces on pumpkin skins popular all over the world.right? There are many different versions of the story behind it. In America , however, the carved pumpkin was associated with the harvest season before it became one of the greatest spooks. My son ask me what's happened to that squash. I explain to him that they will makes carving faces on that squash for the Halloween.Because scary pumpkin head not as popular in Philippines. Aside from the fact that our squashes are not as big as those pumpkins. Halloween in our country is celebrated differently. We filipinos we celebrating the All Saints' and Souls' Days instead of the Halloween. It is the day we filipinos remember our departed loved ones in expceptional ways such as paying visits to the graves and saying special prayers. We light candles and offer flowers.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Birthday Party

One of our friends named Candy she's celebrating her birthday last Oct 21. That's her mom wearing red blouse. Well as usual "pakals" forget the diet!. The color of that day is pink and with sky blue combination.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I' m Sorry

I know
you're hurt and angry,
and I'm sorry that
I cause you
this unhappiness.
I will do everything
I can to help you
get over the hurt.
I don't expect you
to be able
to forgive me
right away,
but I'm willing
to wait-
no matter
how long it takes.
I want to take the time
to rebuild your trust
in me
and to prove that
I really do
love you.
I care so very much for you,
even though you may not
believe that right now.
And, more than anything else,
I want you to be happy again.

Saturday, October 27, 2007



Always the white cliff.
Then you find yourself falling
in the darkness of dream.
There are no trees
on the cliff, only the stubble of grass.
But there is no time
to ponder the grass
because suddenly you are
wingless in mind-air.

You cannot comprehend
why then dream,for all its recurrence,
shows no other ciphers.
You cannot recall
if you choose to jump off,
but your are certain
no one pushes you,
not your wife,
not one of your brooding sons.

And falling you wake up,
grateful for waking,
for the certainty of your bed,
your wife's breathing,
the choices of the working day
coming into light.
What, after all, is the life of a man
when he begins to measure it
against the dark?

The cliff is white,
necessary contrast to abyssal hues.
It is solid as the fear
you grip when you fall
or let go if you keep falling,
falling mindfully,
on what could be
a slow orbit
around strange new fire.

Friday, October 26, 2007

QUiZ time

1. Are kids safe on the NET?
I guess nope-- need some guidance
2. Do you hate your lastboyfriend/girlfriend?--as in I hate and hate him for what he did

3. When is the last time you took anap?--not just a nap a good sleep

4. Do you only drink bottled water?-- Basically yes

5. Have you ever made a boyfriend orgirlfriend mad?-- Sometimes, just to tease..

6 . Who was the last person you talk on the phone?-- candy

7. To text you?-- yeah

8. To send you a Friendster message?-- just chain letters

9. Do you still talk to your ex b/f org/f?-- nope..dnt want to waste my time

10. Are you happier single or to have aboyfriend/girl friend?-- s e c r e t !

11. Ever dated someone with a STD?-- yuck and how will i know?? not unlesshe will tell me or i got infected...ewes<>

12. What's your ex's last name?-- indino

Thursday, October 25, 2007



Tabitha ask her little Tommy if he wants t play house. He agrees and asks what she wants him to do. Tabitha explains she wants him to communicate his thoughts to her. " Communicate my thoughts?" says, Tommy. "I have no idea what that means."
"Perfect, " smirks Tabitha."You can be my husband."
Henry goes to confession and says, "Bless me father, for I have sinned. Last night I was with seven different woman." The priest says," Take seven lemons,squeeze them all into a glass and drink the juice." " Will that cleanse me of my sins?" ask Henry.
"No," replies the priest, "but it will wipe that smell off your face."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hiding with Tigger

Surprise!! it's me hiding with tigger. Lorenz takes me a picture together with tigger. I just arrived from meeting with my friends. I'm about to change my blouse and Lorenz said " mama picture..picture together with tigger". Ok! I'm tired but I'm having fun and I enjoy their company. All the jokes, we laughed and all the tears we cried. After reminiscing the past. Well, it's time for me to takes shower. I feel so sleepy already.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

She Must Be...

She must be a fragile child,

Wondering into a world so wild

No mar nor stain of foolish pride

But a tale of hope every time she smiled.

I pictured her on thaat stained-glass window,

Beyond the blinding blur- her pacific halo.

She must be a lucky star

The brightest shimmer in the dark

When I was lost, betrayed by pride,

Every time I turned , she was by my side

And I know that when all the world could only care less

She'd give her all and a whole lot of the rest

When I was broken, hard on my knees

Washed away by the storm of tragedies

She held my hand and embraced my heart

She fixed the world that I tore apart...

She must be my angel!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I Wait...

I have never had anyone to call as my BELOVED.
All my life I have been desolate consoling
Myself that some day he well come: when?
I keep myselp engaged tying to forget my
Solitude: "too young " they say NEVER!
love finds you no matter where, no matter
When; so until Eros allows its, I shall remain

A L O N E...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I work as a caregiver one of the institution here in Cebu City. I am assigned at the nursery department in the toddlers. There are ten kids ages 1 year old to 4 years old. As we all know kids are so restless. Their daily routines are playing , sleeping and eating. I play with them and I teach them on how to sing , dance, some values , proper way on how to use spoon and fork and the toilet train. . The kids are so innocence of what life they have.

It's my day off and I visit the kids. I'm having fun with them. They are so behave cause I promise to give something to those who will obey. Alex and Emman these two kids are very naughty.Emman wants to play his popoo.His so spoiled to our sister in charge. Sr. Gertrude ,she a nice person. But one thing I don't like with her she is one sided. My eight hours I spend my time with these kids, sometimes I feel guilty with my son Lorenz . I don't have enough time with him anymore. But I explain to him , those kids in the institution need love. Lorenz's friend, named Jersy.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I’m Sending You a Hug Today

Sometimes it’s nice
To get an unexpected hug
For no other reason than
Just because you’re loved
And cared for
It’s a good feeling to know that,
Simply because to show you
How much you mean to them

Think of each one
As a hug
For your hear
From MINE!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Looking for partner!:)

I'm swinging in the sun..hehe I seems to be romantic here?! who will volunteer to be my partner!mmm..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Mom’s tip

Feeling a bit lazy but you has so much to do?
Color can instantly brighten up your mood. Wear
Red to feel energetic. If you’re feeling dispirited
And you want to be cheerful, wear yellow or orange.
Choose a green hue if you want to feel refreshed. While
Blue is the best shade for you if you crave serenity

Found in fruits and veggies, Alpha Hydroxyl Acids
(AHA)are Nature’s Secret skin care weapons.
These exfoliate skin, making it look healthy
And youthful. Try massaging the juices of those
Fruits to your face but avoid the eye area and
Don’t use when skin’s sunburn apples, grapes
Lemons, orange, blackberries and tomatoes

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Things in the past

1.hows life?
...life is good amidst the confusion,the chaos, the temptations and thedifficulties. .. God is good.

2.defin e love?
...it's something really beautiful but becomes ugly when u give it to someone not worthy.

3.def ine life?
...life is what you make it... if youwanna be happy, then be it... :)

4.what are you doing last night?
...sleep naa pay lain?

5.hows your lovelife?
...it's cool being single:)

6.what kind of life do you have?
... sinful sometimes :(

7.do you believe there's still life after death?
...of course :)

8.do you want to change your life?if yes,what is it?
...i want to being alone..

9.how would you describe yourself indealing life?
...im cool with it... that i am so strong and brave enough to face all the trials!:)

10.whats the best thing to do to have that perfect love
...pray for it.

Friday, October 5, 2007

My only Lorenz

that's my boy, Lorenz kyle. At his age I'm so proud of him. His one of the top ten in their class. His in K-1 blues. He wants to go to school everyday he don't want to missed their lesson. His a friendly little boy whatever he have his willing to give and he let them barrow. Lorenz , love to play buzz lightyear and toy cars. . His the only little boy in the house so what can you expect, at that age moody and restless. His picky that's why he didn't gain a lot. He know how to appreciate "mama you look beautiful today."he pray before he go to bed. He wants to be hug, cause he can't sleep..he will tell me mama love..love cause he want to be hug.His so sweet little boy. Being the first grandson of course all the attention and a love from his Tito, ti ta ,lo lo and lola. Ready to school.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Marian Monks of the Eucharistic Adoration. Monastery of the Holy Eucharist at Simala. The holy land where the Miraculous Mother Mary appears. Every 13th of the month they have special mass for the sick the healing mass. You can write your prayer petition to Mama Mary. Inside the chapel they have lot's of testimony. Believe it or not even the cancer patients. When I saw those letters Oh my God! my hair stand. Strong faith with her there's no impossible.right?The place is so nice with fresh air.You can reflect your sins and talk to Mama Mary all the pains, ache and sorrow you have.And of course ask for the guidance..feel good! We are having fun in the same time taking pictures with my sisters friends. We bring food and snacks cause the food there is so expensive they double the price. We left there around 3 PM.Going back to the city we take Ceres bus..

Wednesday, October 3, 2007



One winter night when I first met you
It was when I ever first laid my eyes
The hours were so sweet when we talked each other
How I wished time to stop.

Time come when you have to go
To the other end of the rainbow
I can do nothing but to let you go

Time you came to my life in most wonderful way that I
Could ever imagine
You made on great deal to change me…
You’re WORDS…my inspiration
You’re GAZE…my assurance
You’re SMILE…my strength and confidence
You amazed me in ways no one ever did before
Your ways were simply unique.
And now I wonder why you were there, was it to keep
Me hoping or a sign that my hope was over?
Now everything seems so obscure that at times
I sense a feeling of pain deep within
Many a night I looked at the bright star in the sky
The sign of our PROMISES to always remember
I gaze at that star with great hope at night
That you, on the other side too… remember.

Days had passed and still I kept and watch
Wondering if you still do
You asked me if I’m still watching the stars.
I still am
Time was mine to turn on you
Then, I know somebody else now owns you
Now to that bright star again I stare
I can’t help my tears from falling
For as long as the star sparkle
Never will I forget the times we made our

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


L i F e
If you take whatever life may hand

you and from it try to fashion something good

If you know others may not understand you,

but you keep right on doing what you should
If you watch a friend go off without you

And know that you can take such things in stride

If you are wronged and still can be forgiving

Believing it is better to forget

If you think there is too much joy in living

To waste your time on anger and regret
If you accept a failure and not mind it

But stop to learn the lesson it can teach

If you resist temptation when you find it

Remembering the goal you want to reach
If you can hold your own when you're not winning

And you know you can achieve the things you plan

If you can proudly make a new beginning

And never lose your faith in God and man
You'll find success is waiting if you're willing,

That happiness is there for all who try----

Your life will be rewarding and fullfilling,

And nothing good will ever pass you by.