Wednesday, December 2, 2009

good Pop!

Eric and Lorenz's day out! I can't go with them because I have work. And even though Eric his not feeling good they still go,because he wants to show Lorenz what's a real monster truck look like. I'm so glad that they spend time with each other..Thank you babe your being a good Pop to Lorenz :)

what a nut'!

This is the machine for getting a peanut sample. At first I'm afraid to operate because you have to move forward ,sidewards and I have to balance my body also. It's my first time to work this kind of job..dirty job!!! It's so dusty and red dirt from the peanuts. I enjoy though..In a few days we're done with this job..end of the season! Back to normal , I'll be jobless and home alone
Anyways, I have to review my driving manual again hopefully I can make it!