Sunday, May 31, 2009


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sunny Sunday

It's a sunny Sunday! It's getting hot in here already 88 degrees.. today I guess we will stay home because latter around 4 P.M Lorenz they have a practice for the up coming tournament. oppss! their tournament starting tomorrow afternoon around 6 P.M.. go.. MUDCATS 1 lose 8 wins..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real property management

Real Property Management specializes in the management of single family homes, multi-unit apartment buildings, and homeowner’s associations.My hubby and I we're planning to buy a house soon.. hopefully with in this year.Because as of now we are renting a small house here in Georgia.So we are looking for a property that will fit our needs and of course budget.I'm so glad that Real Property Management with full service management company for those owning a single house, or investors with 100 places.Not only that they can help or show you how we could save hundreds of dollars per year, and with a good service from them. At them your in good hands it's affordable and with quality homes. They have lot's of properties available..So start to have your own home now!

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For our supper I prepare chicken and I wrap it with bacon and I bake it for 25 min-35 minutes. Also I try to make Potato's my first time to make it!(wink) I toast 9pcs. of Crusty Italian bread. So that's our leftover..obviously they like the food! Eric and Lorenz they like the chicken because it's not dry the juiciness of the chicken is still there. Eric said I'm doing good with the salad also but he told next time slice the potato.. mouth size. OK!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

summer escaped

It's summer vacation and it's time to go to the ocean shore or some far away island to explore with your family. It's the time to go to a paradise, yes! it is a time of romance, excitement and an enhanced enjoyment of life. Because somehow summer never seems to last long enough. My hubby and I we're planning to have a beach party for our son Lorenz this coming June 9, his turning 7 yrs.old..This afternoon when I open my e-mail I found this website hotel tel aviv they are located in Israel.The most outstanding hotels and with good facilities. I told my husband for a change,because we travel with in US territory only! In Israel they have lot's of beautiful tourist spots and they have many luxurious hotels.I'm sure we will enjoy the leisurely sunning by the sea at Israel. When I view their pictures it's so pretty I already imagining myself wearing my swimwear.(wink)we have to book our flight and reservation for the hotel..see u there guy's ;D
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wacky day hair

his trying to hide from meH! hahaha i got ya "Shaoline kid"

Ah it's crampy Wednesday morning because I started my period. Eric woke up early this morning he cook for our breakfast he make pancakes with cinnamon. Lorenz and I we're having our physical exam. We're starting to be disappointed at Dr. Chase office because the nurse said I need to have a x-ray and my hubby his getting mad we have to move fast to the other clinic to have my x-ray and take note it cost so much $76 , wow!! When i have my physical exam I'm so shy to the doctor I make some mess on my pants(eww)..shame on me! We are so hungry already our stomach is gurgling. So we ate our late lunch at TGIF. After we went to the base at Fort Benning where the Barber's shop for the Army's . Lorenz he got his new hair cut today but unfortunately it look so horrible he also most wants to cry at the barber shop. I said to the old barber man just cut it short..omg! he wack out Lorenz hair..I start to laugh but I hold my self not...I look at Eric he was surprise what happened to Lorenz hair..O:( sorry son it's not my fault promise we will not go back that Baber shop anymore!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crystal Singing Bowl

I found this silver sky imports they carry different kinds of product like Nepali gongs,Bell and Dorje (Ghanta and Vajra),Spouting Bowls and much more..they have this new product the Crystal Singing Bowls. When I saw the picture of their product, wow! it's so pretty! The bowls have a unique subtle beauty and are constructed.And complete with frosted white finish with a beautiful luminescent shimmer that is very serene or crystal clear version. The bowls make a fabulous conversation piece and add to any decor to your room or in the house. It create lighting that enhances the frosted crystal of the bowls. As I read about this crystal Singing Bowls I never know this can be use for meditation..(wink) :D
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carried away

It's already supper time but still Eric and Lorenz are having fun. I heard their voice from the living , they are getting carried away... Me , I'm also busy waiting for more opp.. :D I didn't cook anything yet for our supper it seems they are not hungry.Oh! well I have to move my butt on here..before they will ask c ya latter!


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been promoted to 2nd grade

This morning we woke up early Eric he has a planned to buy something for Lorenz. Because Friday May 22,09 , we received Lorenz report card he was promoted to 2nd grade we are so happy. Thanks God he made it! His still learning and use to it... :D
We drop by at mom and dad's place , we don't stay long there. We went to the mall at Albany , in the game shop Eric he suppose to buy a game cube for Lorenz but his thinking that game is already absolute so he change his mind he buy the playstation2. And now Lorenz his so happy he got the game . Right now Eric and Lorenz they are having fun playing the game.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bridesmaid dresses

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breezy Thursday morning

It's another day again..a breezy Thursday morning. Today I'm not alone Eric he stay at home didn't go to work. I'm glad his here because his my chef...(wink) like now his preparing for our brunch. :P Meh, I'm doing my blog and chatting my friend Joann.
Lorenz his in school already he wake up early today, maybe his excited to see his classmate.
Oh by the way I'm so glad Kris Allen won last night for the new American Idol.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Best Bridal

Every woman's dream is to get married and walk down the aile wearing her bridal gown. It's so nice on your very special day that you look beautiful because on that moment of your life the two become one.I'm so glad that I found this website one of my friend she's getting married this coming July.Because until now they can't find a nice gown that will not cost much, yeah! With all the crises now a days we have to be wise to chose or buy .So I can recommend her this best bridal prices. they have everything from the mother to the flower girls not only that they carry Prom dresses, shoes, and accessories too. You can get a good deal on this store and also it's FREE shipping, yes it's FREE! Why not include this on your shopping cart for your wedding day, Prom or any special occasion. You name it they have it. So check it out they have for this week they are selling any Garter at 5% off. And you can get a discount coupon also just type GARTERS into the code section when you order.

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bee sting..whaaa!

This morning Lorenz and I we went to the Health Department for our shots. Lorenz he got the one shot and the PPD ( skin test). Meh, I got two shots! oh my, it's like a bee sting! I got the PPD (skin test) too. Hopefully by Wednesday I have our lab result so that we can send back... we hope with in this month we will done for our USCIS without any prob O:)
Lorenz his absent to today. Anyways, this coming Friday May 22 , is their last day in school for summer break, on Wednesday they have their field trip. yeah! it's summer but the weather today it's kind'a cold but i love it! 59 degrees today it will be in 40 degrees. It's cold summer night..tonight..(wink)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


The technology now a days is so hi-tech already. I found this website the I'm so glad and excited with this new device. Something new to discover to input on my computer. I wanted to learn about this new system or device. As I read,their purpose of this ASCIIBin they want to share these simple portal to copy and paste between computer and devices including Netbooks,Phones,PDAs, and iPhones/iPod Touch.Basically, anything that can access the Internet.Can you imagine that? It's like a 3n1 instant copy to your one computer or device and it will retrieve on another too. How cool is that?! Just take note anything that can access the Internet it will do...And also each new feature you will added led to another feature until you have what it is today,your updated too.
The most common way and easier how we can get in touch we other people through text and email. They have this Code Debugging it is a sort of like Pastebin on steroid. It's like it offers many additional features. Some of their Primary Features like
* Paste code with syntax highlighting in over 100 different languages/formats
* Email Reminders
* Collaboration and Correction System
and much will enjoy this!I can recommend this to all my friends.See more at

Rainy Sunday

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. Anyways, we went to Chinese restaurant at Albany we're having our lunch there. It was good! The msg in the fortune cookies i let Lorenz read for us Eric got this msg...The deepest waters make the least noise. I got this msg..It takes a lot of time to acheive instant success.(wink) For Lorenz..Be calm when confronting an emergency crisis.. :) His doing good unlike the first time we come here,his unable to read a words.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I have my Facebook:gnomef. But I don't have my channel yet. But since I found this interesting website I think I can chose a nice and interesting channel from them at I chose the outdoor channel because I think that will fit the season, Summer! Out door you can do anything like fishing, camping together with your family, hiking and more.It's like a breathtaking.And also most of the people now a day with all ages they are talking about Twitter: gnometwt. Chatting with your friends or updating your profile or life with other people but also you can earn extra moeny or win a Gnome and $100 by posting as update and following on Facebook and Twitter. Oh! they have 90 second video tutorial.And also you can post your image plus you can links you want like news site as your website bookmark. Be creative and enjoy the gnomes.

stay late

It's Friday and this is my first time I stay late. I'm talking with my cousin Rhona at ym while chatting with her I'm typing my task to be post .(wink) finally I'm done. It's already 1:30 A.M I'm sleepy already my brain is not working

Monday, May 11, 2009

that was good! yum2

Mother's day.What I have received for Mother's day? I received new dress and kisses from my two boys even though they greet me's better than late than never at We celebrate at Eric's parents house everybody is there his brother Phil with his family. Mom cook 5 rack of barbecue baby back ribs. Eric make a potato salad because yesterday I brought ice cream , bread and cola for our drinks. His brother they bring beans,carrot cake & sugar cookies. I give mother's day card to Mom and Lisa. We enjoy eating the's a finger lickin' good! all the way bones..!

bites and smile

I'm having a problem with my teeth. They called a diastema is a space or gap.Because my eye teeth,sometimes I have this feeling the self conscious about having a space. Maybe because I want to have a good smile that I can wear everyday.This morning I'm so glad that I found this Sacramento Dentist. They offers all aspects of dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, family , pediatric dentistry for all ages and also the tooth whitening. At Sacramento they have patient service and you can meet your doctors you don't need to worry because your in good hands because they providing the high quality dental care. Dr.Michael D.D.S. has been practicing cosmetic and general dentistry in Sacramento for over 21 years. So what are you waiting for make an appointment now! Share that beautiful smile...

Arden Dental Care
1832 Avondale Ave., Suite 1
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Office: (916) 481-2001

Monday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Tuesday – Thursday: 8:00am – 4:30pm
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Michael S. Boyce, DDS

a dirt weekend

Saturday it was a long day for us because Lorenz they played 2 games. They lose the first game and the second game they won. But Lorenz he didn't finished the last game because Eric and him they will go with dad Mike for a car race at Douglas Georgia. Mom Ann and I go shopping for our cook out for our Mother's day celebration. We went to Sam's first to pick up some baby back ribs then after there we went to Wall Mart. We try to purchase our KFC coupon unfortunately they are unable to offer the free meal the 2 pcs. grilled chicken (manager choice) 2 individual sides and a biscuit. This is what Oprah Winfrey agreed to promote KFC grilled chicken coupons to the public. The KFC service crew give us a form to fill out and mail. So that they can give us new coupon and the extended time , plus a free drinks as their compliments. Anyways, the boys they arrived 3:30 A.M. they are so tired and dirty. But they enjoy the race.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

red dirt

What a beautiful Sunday morning. MUDCATS won again! look at those kids...on that red dirt under the heat of the sun still they are trying their best to win that game.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The battle of the East & West

The Proud of the Filipinos! MAnny "Pac MAn" Pacquaio.The battle of the East & West! Pacquiao & Hatton. The Philippines rejoices over Pacquaio victory again!!!
Pacquiao knocked out England's Ricky Hatton with a ferocious left hook to the jaw late in the second round, abruptly ending the light welterweight bout in Las Vegas.

Friday, May 1, 2009

este mature

It's Friday once again, the years will fly right by, no wonder I'm getting "older" amM este mature! Because as I look at our son Lorenz this morning while his waiting their school bus , he growing up so fast. His getting there..being a big man. At their school omg our brown little boy girls going crazy with him...joke! hahaha
Anyways, this morning I try to grab some opp but it says that I don't meet their requirement, dah! what it means?! But I rather work my other site the pickjack @ Mylot even though I earn a penny on those site I enjoy answering their question. I try to work hard so that I will meet their minimum...because Eric and I we decided to buy @ ebay for Lorenz bday gift using my paypal.