Tuesday, August 16, 2011

live life♥

Last month we went to Atlanta for our biometric appointment. We also invited our friends Kenia and her kids and Shaun to go with us. For our biometric it only takes 15 minutes, because of the people there they are so accommodating. So as what our plan for that day we went to the world of Coca-cola . It was our first time and it's so amazing there are 60 plus beverage around the world. We enjoy a lot their 4D theater . We learned the secret formula , it was a adventurous movie...how they make that drinks taste good! And also their collection from different  country, unfortunately there's no  Coke from Philippines. ;( 
But still we really enjoy tasting the drinks from different country..my favorite flavor  was the pineapple Fanta from Greece. Did you know how old is the Coca-cola? it's 125 year old.

So much with that, it's time to eat for our lunch we went to the Mediterranean restaurant. most of us we got the Shawarma. Like the meat but for me I'm craving the one in the ph. specially the  spicy sauce.yummy! It was a great day for us, a two hours travel it's worth..♥

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