Tuesday, August 16, 2011

'd come back ☺

It's been a while that I didn't work or update my blog. Because we're so busy, going to the baseball field do practicing for Lorenz's  up coming tornament. I don't have enough time even for my self. Sometimes I want to scream , specially now a days it's so hot and dry...omg I'm getting darker! Anyways, we used sunblock also for protection and drink more water.

But what shall I do, we have to support our son. As what my hubby said " it's so nice that he have that determination" like some of the kids during summer time they just sitting down on the front of the computer playing or watching TV. But for us we give Lorenz time to play any games he wants , and he have time to refresh like practicing his math and writing cursive..and also he can spend nights with his friends. I think this summer Lorenz he enjoy alot.

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